Beyond Grateful by Ronel


It was just an ordinary night when I was scrolling my FB newsfeed when I saw the post on Pinoy Teachers Stories. With its catchy illustration, I opened and read through some of its blogs- it talks about a life of being a teacher in a foreign land. It was really inspiring how the writer shared her experiences. I was moved by how she did turn challenges to opportunities. 

And so down that page, there is another link which leads to a hiring website. There I found out the qualifications that they look for to become a teacher in the US - just like the writer who was once then. 

Without any second thought, I started writing up responses for the initial screening. I submitted them online and I got on-time replies for those and the process had begun. When  I went home that weekend, I told my parents about my application and they said, "Go for it." I am always grateful because they are so supportive of my decisions all the way. 

The experiences I had with my application was not easy. I needed to travel to and fro just to be in a place where there is an internet connection so that I can reply to the collaborations. In the morning of the following day, I needed to get back to my workstation because my students were waiting for me. 

I did these most of the weekdays for several weeks. I missed lunch most of the time...leaving the city late in the afternoon just to finish making accounts for the different hiring districts and continued receiving emails about filled/closed positions.

All these never stopped me to continue believing God that He is in control of everything. 

I let go all my worries and what ifs to Him until one morning I received an email from a district representative informing me that I am hired. What a wonderful sunny day to welcome it with a great news and blessing... I did not have to attend an interview! 

For the last minutes, things just turned upside down and they became favorable to me. Perhaps, God just taught me a lesson of how I should acknowledge Him in my life...that He operates to make things happen for me even if sometimes I felt like He is not there working. 

Indeed, Believe It To See It. God is on the move! #Teach-USA is the Best! #Beyond grateful. - 

Written by RONEL.

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