Chance Applicant by Melody

As I am reminiscing my experiences on how I became a TeachUSAsian, it brought me back to the people who made it happen - people who tirelessly helped me to succeed to where I am today.

I met Ma'am Gemma way back in September 2018 in Ayala Cebu City. I was there because of my friend's influence to meet with the agency's owner. I came without any expectations. 

I was confused about what they were talking about but later, I learned it was all about the Teach-USA process.

Mam Gemma was table-hopping then and came across our table. She asked my name and tried to look at her roster of applicants. And bang - there was no Melody Lopez on her list. 

She told me if only you would pay and process, you would be in America by December 2018. Mathematics teachers are a commodity in the US - she said.

From that moment, I discerned whether I would give it a shot or not and later told my husband and family. They all promised to support me. 

Everything happened so quickly. 

By the end of September, I already have all the documents needed for evaluation and licensing. The papers arrived in the US around 2nd week of October. 

Teach-USA announced a job fair on Oct 17-18, 2018. And because I didn't have an evaluated TOR I couldn't apply, although I have all the links. 

What I did was to support and cheer those with scheduled interviews. 

I felt happy for the teachers, but at the same time, I wondered how it would feel to be interviewed also? How can I get an opportunity to be interviewed? 

I messaged Ma'am Gemma about my intention to experience being interviewed so I would be ready for July 2019 applications. She told me to ask for an expedited evaluation and pay the price. I asked other members of TeachUSA, but they told me it wasn't wise to do that since job fairs were almost over, and I could save money if I didn't rush.

But I didn't listen and pushed on! I was very persistent and kept on messaging Ma'am Gemma for possible interviews.

God must have heard my prayers because two weeks later, Ma'am Gemma told me the good news - an interview with one of the schools! I was so happy that time but I didn't put any expectations on it.

On October 28, the principal called me four times after the interview to tell me she was thinking about me! I was delighted because I knew they interviewed many of us from Teach-USA that day! - I told myself it was already a sign from God that the position was mine, but I didn't stress about it!  

On November 1, 2018, teachers from TeachUSA were sending messages of congratulations to my account. And Ma'am Gemma sent my job offer for me to sign ASAP. It was indeed big news for my family and me!

The problem was I didn't have a passport yet! I was still single at that time! And I have to send them all ASAP! (Pasaway daw ako sabi ni Ma'am Gemma!) Haha.

God made everything happen in a few days! 

I applied for my 1st passport and was released on November 15!

I got married on the 20th.

I had my sponsor interview on the 21st, in a married status!

I had my visa interview on December 12 - with CFO drama effect on the 15th.

And December 17 was the beginning of my American teaching journey!

From Day 1 to the present, I have always appreciated my unforgettable experiences and did my best in my teaching career.

I always give room for learning while teaching, and "having fun" is a bonus. 

My J1 visa program is about to end this coming June 2023. 

My family and I are pleased to accept God's grace if we go home or stay. We will embrace the new chapters in our lives- wherever God sends us.

We are ready, happy, and blessed!

And we are forever grateful to TeachUSA!


-Written by Melody

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