Change of Mind by Jenny

It’s a fact that going to America is not easy! 

That’s exactly what's on my mind! However, things suddenly changed when God has led me to this path! 

I believe with God’s guidance, nothing is impossible. That’s true! It needs a leap of faith to reach what you think is impossible! 

It was April 2018 when I submitted my application. Time flies so fast and I was hired in June 2018. For me, it was an impossible dream that came true. 

After hardships and beating the deadlines, July came. It was my time to fly  to the US. I was happy at the same time, I felt sad. 

Happy, because this was what I have been waiting for all my life and sad because I will be leaving my family behind for some time but deep in my heart I know this was just temporary because I am determined to take them here in the US.

God is so great because He has sustained me and my family. He has provided everything I needed in this endeavor. Now, I am so happy for providing me everything and guiding me to the right persons, and right agency, the Teach-USA.

To everyone who wants to pursue their dream, all I can say is that, don’t be afraid to take risks because God will always be there to provide everything you need including people who will guide and help you along the way and will make your dream come true! God bless everyone! 

God bless Teach-USA!

-Written by Jenny

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