Faith and Hope by Jemmry


Faith and Hope. My journey to the Land of the Free can be summarized by those words. 

Faith It all started with faith. 2018 is our breakthrough year. We prayed to God for Him to lead us to our breakthrough and indeed through the Facebook ad, my wife's friend sent us a link of Teach-USA. 

I could say that I had doubts about the site. I also have my "what ifs" like "what if it's fake?" "what if it's a scam?" And the like. But faith in God out ruled all those doubts. 

My wife would always say... "Didn't we pray about it? "So why doubt the leading of God?" 

So I followed His leading. I submitted myself to the process. 

Then it led me to the next word-Hope. 

Faith without hoping that things will come to you as how it was designed by God is futile. One must trust God who above all else! 

My wife and I claimed that I will be in the US and they (Ghing and Gabby) will follow soon. As I recall the moment I step down in the US soil. 

I can only thank Him for all that He has done. He led me to Teach-USA, a facilitating company as commonly known by you, but for us, its an extended family. 

A group of people who inspires others, to pursue and make our dreams a reality. A group of individuals who learned that one must believe it first in order to see its realization. 

Four months ago, it was only a dream but now, I myself, am a witness of God turned it into reality. God bless TEACH USA! 

- Written by Jemmry.

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