My Life Begins by Jaypee


Today my Life Begins

I don’t know exactly how this triumph is going to be articulated. Yes! This is hyperbole. But it’s just that I can’t imagine how this so called life becomes there’s more to life. 

No one can really underrate God’s perfect plan for us. Sometimes, it may not happen according to our desired timing, but in the right timeline, it will, it comes and it happens. 

In fact, this isn’t the first time I intend to work abroad. Just two years ago, I applied for a teaching position in Japan. I spent a lot. I needed to go to Manila to undergo the hiring process because the agency where I was applying was situated in Makati. 

I was almost done with the whole process; on the contrary, I wasn’t able to come back there because it was on the same month that my father was diagnosed with a serious illness and a month after he died. 

When it happened, I never doubted God. I just thought that it happened for a reason and for certain, God has a lot to offer, and it’s not the end of the universe yet. Though, the road was grassy, but I can see more than enough reasons that my life must go on. I didn’t give up on my dream. 

I am consistent with my prayer, asking God that one day, He will bestow upon me the instruments which will bring and lead me closer to what my heart has intently desired. 

Fortunately, thru a recommendation from my college pal, God gave me Teach-USA. I can’t thank you enough for this new fate.  

You both are gifts from God for all of us here. I am certain that God will doubly bless you in return. 


I acclaim that I am nothing, and you are everything. It’s an honor and pride to represent our country to the land of America. 

I am for you, and we are one in this very promising battle. 

-Written by Jaypee.

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