Never Stop by Rosemarie

Each one of us has a dream: big, small, simple, impossible, hard and tough to achieve. It motivates us to go on, to continue to struggle in this game called life. 

My dream of teaching in the US started when I finished my Diploma in Special Education in 2009. Upon knowing that applications were too costly, it disappeared in just a wink of an eye. However, I also thought, “But, if others made it, why can't I?”

I am still holding on to my dream, this time I joined orientations of different agencies (good and bad) like Mayon, Renaissance, RAMASIA, be it for Canada or America. I even went to Manila several times because of these agencies. 

Honestly, I already paid huge amount of money to one of these agencies but it ended as victim of these swindlers! Sweet promises were made just to extort money from us. By God’s grace the money was returned to me by the agency thru DOLE. How powerful prayer is! Every time I arrive in Manila, I always visit Baclaran Church for a short prayer hoping that the money I brought will be put into a good soil. 

Being a victim, I said to myself that teaching in the US was not, maybe, meant for me. I applied for promotions like: a) Reclassified SpEd Teacher, b) TIC, and c) MT. 

I know I am qualified for the position I was applying for but after struggling, nothing happened! My application for MT was submitted with complete documents in 2016 and up to now, I am still waiting for the ranking result. Some were promoted even if they lack the qualifications based on the given Civil Service Guidelines. There was only justifications given for their promotions. So unfair, right?

I said, “Lord what do you want me to do? I need to be economically stable because I have daughters to send to college and I also have aged parents to, at least, more often provide medicines?” “Why did you let this thing happen in fact I follow your will? I am not bad! You see me?”

Frustrations were pouring on me. I have been teaching myself to be contented with Teacher III and Teacher III I will be until I retire. But NO! NEVER!

Last year, I heard about Teach-USA from my friends in school. The dream of teaching in the US was awaken. However, the fear of being swindled again was always in my heart. I said, “No.”

After thorough investigations, I decided to start applying as a SpEd teacher. Anyway the agency wouldn’t ask money without reason. It is a basic requirement to have Credential Evaluation and Licensing. 

I started preparing my documents but when it was about to complete, my husband noticed that I was applying again. "You are only wasting money on that stuff! See? We have not even finished our house!" I told my husband to calm down, listen, and allow me, for this was my last and final attempt.

To have peace at home, I stopped.

My husband was unaware that I was secretly pursuing my dream thus, I borrowed money for my credentialing and licensing from my relative and friend.

It is not an easy dream to fulfill specially in the manipulation of the computer. You need to know how to do it, for there are attachments in pdf which I did not encounter before. I only know some basics of this technology.

Doing online applications was a headache for me but I was able to send to, around 10 schools. I felt even dizzy in school during the day because I wouldn’t sleep without having applied at least 1 or 2 schools a night and it took me  up to until 12 midnight.

There were messages posted by Ma'am Gemma to all applicants in the group as if hitting one’s heart and challenging one’s mind. 

One time she said, “Why apply to 2 or 3 schools only? What if you're meant to be part of the 30th school?” Lakas ng tama nito sa akin. So, I said ok go lng ng go!

After a lot more prayers and hoping for my turn, my heart jumped with joy and extended my arms upward saying, “Yes, Lord. You gave it now to me. This was your mysterious way of showing You were just beside me!”

Not to brag, I lost 120k for the application in Canada, no refund either. I did not lament on that honestly. It was a risk. I said why worry if I lost money for it… I still have my dreams, I still have my hopes and I still have my LIFE. They say, “Habang may buhay may pag-asa.”

I left everything to God. Everything. My happy and sad moments, my life. They are all His.

So for those who are young (irony) like me, NEVER STOP DREAMING! Gooooo…no retreat no surrender! Never take problems and trials as hindrances but take them as your challenges to continue to struggle, to continue your journey toward the fulfillment of your dreams.

Wala sa edad ang mangarap, hindi sa iyong katayuan o estado sa buhay kundi nasa iyong determinasyon, sa iyong pagsisikap, sa iyong tiwala sa sarili at sa mga taong nagmamahal sa iyo, higit sa lahat ang pinaka importante ay ang TIWALA SA DIYOS.

Salamat sa mga pillars ng Teach-USA.

Sabay nating lakbayin ang mga bundok at ipanalangin na ma abot natin ang ating iisang pangarap. Dahil sa pangarap na ito dito tayo pinagbubuklod kaya sama-sama tayong magdarasal na marating at ating mithiin.

God bless TEACH-USA! 

Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Written by Rosemarie.


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  1. Wow!! It was so inspiring ma'am Rosemarie....♥️♥️♥️

  2. i am a living witness to your climb; now you are the peak of it. congrats mam dasian!

  3. Wow! It's really so inspiring ma'am Rose!

  4. Wow, it helps me to continue my dream..

  5. It's so inspiring journey of Mam Rose, to us dreaming to teach in the US, God bless you Mam, God bless teachUSA!


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