Relentless and Unstoppable by Jayson


(The Journey That Made Me Closer To God)

I am here because of God’s generosity and promise

I am a proactive dreamer and I dreamt of working in the USA and now I still couldn’t believe that I am here. 

I started my application in other agency but when I saw Ma’am Gemma’s FB posts, I never hesitated asking her and to my surprise she is very accommodating and although she knew that I applied in another agency, she still supported me and even encouraged me to continue my application with the other agency. 

I decided to continue my journey to TeachUSA. (I asked permission to the owner of the agency that I will entertain other agencies too and the owner wished me luck). 

TeachUSA is a family. I have email friends and also FB friends. They all believe in God. What more could I ask for? These are God-given people headed by our fairy god-mothers of Teach-USA.  February 2018, I focused on TeachUSA then with God’s grace on May 2018 I got an offer and on July 24, 2018 I, together with my amazing wife, touched down to the US soil. So easy right?   

Wrong. You see, this is like pictures you post in Facebook wherein you were not able to show the behind-the-scene moments of it. 

And here is the behind-the-scene pictures of my journey.

To tell you honestly, I was bombarded by financial challenges, who doesn’t? But mine is a quite challenging. You do the math. I was fooled to invest 400k, 52k and 155k to people whom I trust. I would not go over the details because the pain just kept coming back again. 

You see, I applied in TeachUSA practically without money on hand but it never deterred me because my God is relentless and unstoppable

My God is awesome and He sends people to help me. He sustains and provides me. I never doubted Him. All of the expenses God assigned someone to help me out.  I just remembered God’s promise that He would prosper us, give us hope and future. (Jeremiah 29:11). And He did. 

We sacrificed to leave our 3 amazing kids for a while but soon the plan of taking them here is our priority because God wants to see a happy family.

I am sure with God’s guidance, providence and promise we will prosper here in God-given land of USA!

To God be the glory always and forever.  

Written by Jayson.

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