Struggle is Real by Cara


I was 23 years old back then, when I've started my journey here in TEACH- USA.

Last October 2018, me and my friend Cheenie both applied and tried our luck in the USA. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it. I was so depressed and started to lose hope. But Chuchaii kept on motivating and pushing me to apply again and so I did. 

I started studying and answering all the queries in the collaboration. I was so nervous seeing the affiliations and teaching experiences of my co-applicants, most of them have good educational background and can ace in the interview compared to me. But I kept moving and doing my best.

The time has come! and it's interview time! I've been waiting for this moment for the longest time. I was ready to be interviewed but oopss by April I got no invites and by May no invites as well. I started crying and loosing hope again, maybe this is not yet my time. 

But when June came, yehey! I received an invite from APS unfortunately it was on hold. 

The struggle iz really real! So i kept on praying and studying, Lord if you will give me this please give me an invite and yes! God answered my prayers I was invited not just once, twice but thrice! 

But we have poor signal at home because I lived in a far flung area, so I need to go down to our school to connect in the WIFI.

Everytime I have an interview, I need to go to school and borrow the laptop of my co-teacher, bring with me my study lamp and a convincing explanations to our school guard on why I arrived at school at the very late night.

There's a lot of things running on my mind, maybe there are ghost watching me or maybe the guards might catch me. But I just kept on praying to take away all my worries and ace the interview.

And so I did! 

I got hired not once but twice! God is so good! 

I felt like floating in a cloud 9. I couldn't believe I saw my name posted in the group page saying "Congratulations Cara Elijah S. Geonzon!"

I couldn't make it without the undying support of Teach-USA -  thank you for all the help!

Thank you also, to my co-applicants Joan, Daphne,  Julito, Leah, Line, Vier for boosting my confidence during my interviews. 

Above all, thank you Lord for everything!

-Written by Cara.

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