Never Doubt by Glei

I am the princess of my parents, a teacher, and a seafarer. They gave me everything, but I wanted more. 

I have dreams I want to achieve. And nobody stops my dreams even my husband and kids push me to go beyond my limits. 

Yes, I never doubted Teach-USA, EVEN FROM THE START. What I was questioning was my CAPABILITIES TO TEACH NEW STUDENTS in the USA!

They said it's OK for me because I have the money, "Mga sir and ma'am may utang din po ako, and I don't want to be a burden to my parents!"

Teach-USA allowed me to discover my own capabilities during our exchange of messages. When I failed one interview, I knew I didn't give my all - it was my fault, so it was OK. When I got my job offer, I danced for joy because I NEVER DOUBTED THE POWER OF GOD and the training that Teach-USA gave us. 

I may have doubted my abilities, but my Teach-USA family pushed me up!

If you want your dreams to come true, set your mind in A POSITIVE MODE, AND ABOVE ALL, NEVER EVER DOUBT GOD'S PLAN FOR YOU!

Build your dreams, and TEACHUSA is here to help!

I'm a Teach-USAsian, and I am proud that I achieved my dreams through Teach-USA. 

-Written by Glei

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