It's Never Too Late To Try Again

While browsing my contact forms, I saw an email from a particular HR Director asking if I could work in their state to bring in international teachers. I jumped to the opportunity at once and gave her a call. Unfortunately, she was out and left a message with the secretary. 

After about an hour, I received an email again saying "We offer H-1b opportunities, please let me know your available time and date." I was shocked! 

So, I grabbed the phone and to make the long story short, she sent me a three-page list of teachers they need! Wow!

If you are interested, please read the links below to know more about our H-1B Possibility Program:

Everything H1b:

Teach-USA Fee Structure:

Which is Better:

Question and Answers:

And when you are ready to fulfill your "teach-in-the-US-dream", please follow the instructions to join here -

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