J2 Visas and Travels



  1. Can your family apply for J2 visas when you apply for your J1 visa? Yes, but it depends on the sponsor too. Also, The US embassy will decide whether you will get approval.
  2. Is it best to bring your family at once? It depends on your priorities.
  3. Is the J2 process easy? Yes. 
  4. Is there an age requirement for dependents? Yes, only for 21 years of age and below.
  5. Do you pay for the J2 application too? Yes. You pay directly to the sponsor.
  6. Can you leave the country for a vacation and leave your J2 dependents in the US? Yes, as long as they have valid and legal documents, it should be OK. 
  7. If I go home for a short vacation, will I need to set another appointment at the US embassy? Please check the validity of the visa stamp on your passport. If it has already expired, you will still need to show up at the US embassy for another visa stamping.

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