If It's For You, It's For You!

“If it’s for you, you don’t need to force it to happen.”.

Before I started in TeachUSA agency, I was offered an H1B in a school district in South Carolina but weeks later, they cancelled it for some reasons, it was so heartbreaking.

I am certain, it was God who led me to Teach-USA agency. I’ve been reading the inspiring stories from different dreamers in Teach-USA timeline, it saved me from weeping and it gives me hope. 

I started applying in TeachUSA in 2022. They are very accommodating and very hands-on to their teachers. (Ma’am Gemma and Miss LeZah) 

I am so blessed. I am so grateful on their “wise-up program”, indeed I learned a lot. 

Fast forward: Blessings started to flow, received Job offer, school district sponsored our Visa Sponsorship fee and just today, US VISA APPROVED!

God’s plan is worth the wait! 

Ma’am Gemma of TeachUSA, you are my angel!

 I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much.

.... Christine R.

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