Rachelle's Teach-USA Journey

"My Teach-USA Journey"

I started fulfilling my American dream last June of 2022. I was hesitant at first to pursue this dream because I know how hard it is to go to the US, let alone getting a job there. The pandemic really made living in the Philippines more difficult. The cost of living is becoming so high that it's already unbearable. Considering the fact that I'm a single parent and taking care of my aging mother. I love our country; I love to stay in the Philippines but the situation is really pushing me to explore and discover better opportunities.

I had a co-teacher way back 2019, during my first year in DepEd who has applied for a teaching job in the US. Before she left, I asked for her agency, and she told me about Teach-USA. I was never so interested that time because I just entered public school and I was thinking of acquiring some experience first before going abroad. Then the pandemic came which made it more difficult to survive with a very low compensation. I was really trying to make ways to stay in the Philippines, but I was left to choose between having bigger and bigger loan or to teach abroad to pay debts.

My journey of finding a job offer from a school district was tough. I was able to send a lot of applications to different school districts and different states. I had two interviews from North Carolina but unfortunately the schools want someone who is already living in the US, they were for immediate hiring vacancies. Then 2023 came and still no offer. It really tested my faith, belief, and patience. There was a time that I have already told myself that it’s enough, you’ve done your best, time to let go for now. And so, I rested for a while. I have tried concentrating on finishing my master’s degree. But when God has plans for you, He will give you the opportunity in the moment that you’ve least expected.

Ma'am LeZah A Alignam sent me a message telling me that there is a school district looking for a PE teacher. I immediately applied in that school district but wasn't expecting anything because I know that this only one of the schools that will ignore my application. Luckily, they have invited me for an interview after a week. Then I attended the interview and just like my two previous interviews before, they told me to just wait for their email for the result. Fortunately, after waiting for my references to reply to their survey, they have sent me an email saying that they will hire me. I was so happy that time and I couldn't believe that I just got a job offer. 

I would like to thank Ma'am Gemma Defeo Hilotin for her motivating words and the Teach-USA Creed, things just got better. I was able to have a visa sponsor with their help and walking me through every process in obtaining my J1 Visa at the US Embassy. I just got my visa approved today and I'm very lucky to have Ma'am Gemma and Ma'am Hazel who kept me going and answering all my queries. I became more confident about the US Embassy interview because of their guidance. I was also able to have my daughter's J2 Visa approved and we went through all the process at the Embassy together. Truly if you deserve something, no one can take it away from you. 

To my fellow Teach-USAians, just keep on dreaming, believing and fulfilling your dreams. God bless everyone in this group.

-- Rachelle G.

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