The Golden Opportunity


BECAUSE OF ITS DUAL INTENT, the H-1B visa is still the golden opportunity for anyone to access permanent residency in the U.S.

The road to securing the visa could be rough and tough. It takes work. It is the road less traveled. 

Not EVERYONE will get in, that's the TRUTH. 

But you will never know what life is in store for you if you will never TRY or will just GIVE UP just because you were not successful the first, 2nd, 3rd, or 50th time. 


1.Is the H1B Opportunity still open? YES. 

2. Is the H1B Visa Opportunity available year round? Depends on the district. The H1B visa process is longer than the J1 visa. Very few schools districts are open to whole year applications, or in time for 2nd semester. The process could be hard - super hard - but it is WORTH it!!

3. Can I prepare as early as now for the H1B Opportunity? YES. The H1B process takes more extended preparation than the J1 visa process.

4. How much do you charge? Please check the FEES at

5. Which is better J1 or H1b? Please check

6. Can I still join J1 for SY23-24? Please CONSIDER the following information:

The J1 visa timeline:

Hiring Season - March-May

Visa availability - February-June

The H1B visa timeline:

Hiring Season - very few are year-round

Visa Availability - very few year-round

Teach-USA Preparation/US Applications timeline:

Depends on applicants

7. How do I join the Teach-USA H1B Program? Please email your resume to


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