The Price of Sacrifice

He was one of Teach-USA's Batch 1, who decided not to extend his J1 visa for two more years. The J1 visa program is good for a maximum of five years. After three years, you can request an extension for two more years. He didn't request for an extension.

During his J1 program, he was focused on his work and was awarded heavily in his school district!

He was adamant about achieving his BIGGEST WHY he was in the US and SACRIFICED not being with his family for three years!

At the end of three years, he was able to fulfill his promise to his wife, achieved his dreams for his parents, and realized his personal and professional goals.

When he left his school district, they promised him an H1B visa after fulfilling the J1 two-year home requirement.

After two years, the school district kept their promise - he got his USCIS H1B visa approval with his family under the H4 visas. 

And today, they received their US Embassy VISA APPROVALS!

Thoughts to ponder: 

  1. There is redeeming grace in SACRIFICE. 
  2. All dreams are achievable if you want it.
  3. Erasing fear makes life easy.
  4. Taking the road less traveled creates wonder!
  5. Knowing your priorities is best!
  6. Thinking outside the box is vital.
  7. Self-control is critical.
  8. Trust the process.
  9. Let go and Let GOD.
  10. There is a rainbow after every SACRIFICE.


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