Often, we rush and put in all the effort for a goal or a dream.

Ahh, let me stop and put "I" instead of "we."'

I always act on impulse. 

I remember rushing to one of the agency offices in Mandaluyong (some 18 years ago!) because they were hiring teachers for the US. I forgot the agency's name - but I remember there was a briefing and the need to pass an exam (or something like that). But I had to register and pay. I don't know if they asked for Php3000 or Php5000. But I paid what they asked because I was eager to go to the USA, the Land of Milk and Honey!

And then I found out I was pregnant with Mimoi. Goodbye, Php5000!

It would be as if I had already learned my lesson, but the same old impulsive Gemma would always win the day, and then I'd justify my actions as "unfinished business." 

If I only stop and heed God's voice and seek Him first, it would make the difference.

I like that we are all God's work in progress. I like that we can always "bounce" back after every fall and try again, stronger and more faithful this time.

I pray for all our actions to be God-directed in 2024. (Because) no matter how we rush toward our goals and dreams, all is meaningless unless God is with us - leading, cheering us on, and taking charge!

As the hiring season starts, I pray you find joy in the journey. If teaching in the US is God's will for you, believe all lights are "green."

God Bless, teachers!

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