Waiting Game #Weeklies

Week 29/52 #Weeklies

Family and friends have been asking... when will I go home???

When I left our country, Philippines, in 2007. I was merely enveloped by excitement. New country, a new adventure, new challenges. 

Then I started dreaming... 

.... to visit Disneyland! It happened... all for free! Check my photos here.

... to have my family join me after a year! It happened! Thank God dreams do come true! Here's the story.

... to visit different states! Yes, it happened! Mississippi, Florida, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Louisiana, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Colorado, Missouri

... to have a green card! (The most important thing!) Ummm.... Ahh.... not quite yet, unfortunately. I shared my story here a long time ago.

But God must have other plans because after 6 years of H1B visa and wait, 
we were blessed to have been given another visa in 2014.

Our current visa allowed us to stay for four more years with one condition. We cannot go home and leave the country. Not within the first three years, not until we apply for a green card after our third year. 

Many Filipino teachers have journeyed the same path, and have been granted their permanent residency already, and went home too. Yes, they also, waited long.

So here we are waiting again... but we are grateful for His providence, guidance, and unconditional love.

We can only pray for God to arrange everything for our family and us in the Philippines. 

We trust God will work with time. 

We beg for God's mercy to allow us to be with our families and friends back in the Philippines and to experience joy in togetherness, laughter, and camaraderie like old times and to embrace people we love and miss for the longest time as if it was just yesterday.

We can only have this unfailing faith that God has designed something big and impressive waiting for us at the end of this game of patience.

We're coming home in God's time...

All in God's time.

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