On Student's Behavior


New teachers in the US, please take a little bit of time to know the US culture before being adamant with your Filipino ways of doing things - especially in disciplining students who speak bad words A LOT!

The sad reality is YOU will HEAR cursing, swearing, insulting, and all the blaspheme words in schools (especially middle or high schools).

As long as you don't SPEAK and WRITE the words, you should be good. It's also always best to speak to the student alone if you would reprimand.

Like everywhere else, there will be people who will drag you down. So be careful of the people you work with because you do not know if they are really for you or are just waiting for a mistake and would file a grievance report against you (even Filipino teachers do that - they smile at the opportunity to bring you down - yep, they are not your friends - (but even friends do that too)!

Also, please remember the no-touch policy.

Be sure to document, do anecdotal records, and put everything in writing.

It's always best to seek help, assistance, and guidance than be sorry - BEFORE saying, doing, or acting on impulse (especially in dealing with students' inappropriate behaviors).

Feeling "know-it-all" in the US will not help you. It's better to ask an administrator to observe how you teach for approval, recommendations, or suggestions than to handle it all on your own.

When they file a report against you, even if it was all unintentional on your part, the next step (usually) is that you will be on Administrative Leave.

You will not be allowed to enter the school until they have finished investigating the case.

Although you get paid for the number of days you are out, the consequences may be any of the following:

  1. they give you a chance to go back to teach,
  2. they will revoke your license,
  3. they ask you to resign, or
  4. they will fire you.

RECOMMENDATION: Read your school districts' policy on discipline and dealing with students' behaviors.

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