The Competition is Tough.


Reality bites.

Let's fully understand the situation:

Competition: Remember, you are not the only one vying for the position. You compete with all the other teachers (be it coming from an agency or independent, and not just Filipinos but teachers from all over the world) plus US citizens or residents! So, if you get a job offer, visa sponsorship approval and get to teach in the US, be very GRATEFUL because not everyone will ever achieve this dream - sadly, no matter how hard they try to make it happen.

Decision Maker: The school principals recommend teachers who they want in their team. Unfortunately, it is not Teach-USA who decides or has the power to do so. The HR offers the job based on the principal recommendation.

No Discrimination Policy - Everyone has the opportunity to apply at any job openings. The employment site is an open plate.

Questions to ask yourself before attempting to apply:

  1. Why will you apply if the competition is tough?
  2. Why will you prepare if there is no guarantee?
  3. Why will you pay money for the unknown?

So, what will work?

  1. To do the best you can with what you can control.
  2. To persevere, be steadfast, and be committed.
  3. To give all your efforts and hard work all the way!
  4. To seek God's will in your life.


  1. Give up
  2. Stop dreaming
  3. Stop hoping
  4. Let your dream go

But will my dream ever come true? 

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do you believe in?
  2. What is your highest vision of yourself?
  3. How's your faith in yourself and God?

Competition is tough, but no one can stop a person from fulfilling his dream of teaching in the US when one is prepped fully in all aspects, when you worked hard for it, and God willing.

In the meantime, persevere and never surrender because, like everyone else, they, too, are dreaming your dream. You are not entitled to anything. The race is on. So, will you stand out above the crowd?


  1. Hello ma'am Gemma,I'm 55 yrs old and currently working as a school principal,do I qualify to teach in the US? Pls help me

    1. please see:


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