Socorro Adventure Day 1: Thirst for Knowledge


The truth is I am studying again. 

I've once written in this post GIFTED BUSINESS, that universities here in the US wanted me to retake all academic units in Masters in SPED-Gifted again (even if I finished all academic units in the Philippines already). Mmmm... I would rather study something new than pay to study the same thing!

So, I just decided to take the Praxis test in Gifted Education...

Thank God I passed it and was given a certification for it. Yay!

But, the bottom line is, I still don't have any Masters Degree in my credentials.

I have two choices, to finish my graduate studies online via schools in the Philippines offering online graduate courses or take it here. I chose the latter.

 So there it is, I spilled the beans! Lol!

Happy to be a student again!

- and lovin' it - even in the heat of the Socorro sun!

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