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Looking forward #Weeklies

Week 27/52 #Weeklies

I told my boss who was preparing to leave the office, “Safe travels! Don’t sleep!” The message was for me as just two weeks ago I fell asleep for a second or two and found myself in the sloping grassy median. You’ll find the story here. My boss replied, “Oh, I won’t fall asleep, I’m too excited to go to CafĂ© Rio!” I asked “Why? What do you want to eat there?” He said, “Pizza!"

Funny how one can be motivated by the simplest things!

It is actually the “I look forward to” that inspires us to continue to fight on, to continue to wake up each day, to continue to drive miles and miles, to continue to open our doors to clients, to continue to eat our breakfast, to continue to kneel and pray, to continue to smile, to continue to challenge ourselves to hard tasks, to continue to push on…  


To Sit Or Not to Sit? #Weeklies

Week 26/52 #Weeklies

While standing in line to pay for stuffs at Walmart, I couldn’t help but wonder how the cashier could stand up for eight hours… all day!   

Fast forward to a year after, I decided to do the same… or tried to.   

No excuses! Customized standing desk! :)

On Hotels and Travels #Weeklies

Week 25/52 #Weeklies

Part of my job running two years now is to visit schools in the state of New Mexico, USA. Needless to say, I travel to wherever schools I am assigned to wherever it is in the state

Raton, NM