I'm OK #Weeklies

Week 21/52 #Weeklies

I attended a leadership training before and one of the activities allowed us to identify our smokescreens and blinders. I forgot how it was processed but I specifically remembered going in front of the room, and told everybody that mine was… I’m OK. Everything’s OK.

I know everything is just a mindset, and thinking I’m OK, really made me and things OK. But sometimes, I tend to mask it – and it’s not OK.

Smokescreens and blinders keep us from seeing the truth about us. As life unfolds, so are the masks that we are trying to hide, and awareness is the key.

I’m not OK and it’s OK.
It is OK to not be OK to allow time to heal all wounds.
It’s OK to not be OK to decide on a better path of healing.
It’s OK to not be OK to reflect, learn and move on.
Most specially, it’s OK to not be OK to see things from a different light.

I’m OK. I’m not OK. It’s OK!

As long as we go through the phase a better person, as long as we didn’t make a mountain of the molehill, as long as we controlled our emotions and not made matters worse. But, guess what?  if we did too, it’s OK too. Lessons will be learned, in due time.

And in due time, everything will be OK again. 

On Life's Lessons #Weeklies

Week 20/52 #Weeklies

A friend told me his husband doesn't want to join any religious groups because they do not "walk the talk". I told her, well, no one's perfect.  

If joining religious groups will lead them closer to God, why not?, right? We are all on our path and journey, and judging religious groups because of hearsay, then I think there's more to learn.

But, even people who judge are on the same journey too. That's what's interesting and fun about our life here on earth, everybody knows too much. We are all entitled to our opinions, evaluations and responses. We all think we're correct. Lol. That I think is the fun part.

Because it is all relative. All relative to one's prior experiences, knowledge and where they are at the path.

We all are God's instruments so each one of us will come to our senses.  

Maybe, the same reason why people come and go in our lives, is because they have something to teach us.... and until we learn the lesson, we will continue to encounter the same teaching from a different person, status, place and event. 

When we finally learn the lesson, we will move on and I am sure somebody will shake our minds again to teach us the next lesson.

Fun, fun, fun!


Don't Worry #Weeklies

Week 19/52 #Weeklies

In Philippians 4: 6 it says:
In the Jerusalem Bible version, verse 6 translates as “Do not worry.”

… we find ourselves worrying over many things: finances, situation of our livelihood, our deteriorating health, broken relationships in family and community, the future of our children, and many more. 

Let's look at the stats about worry:
We do not know what the future will bring. That is the hardest part. Since there are infinite possibilities then if there are positive infinite possibilities, there could also be negative infinite possibilities… and that is scary, so we worry.

We love to do multi-tasking or doing a lot of things, to keep our mind occupied.

We also worry because we can’t do anything about it. If we can’t find solution to our problems, oh we definitely worry… that sometimes, worrying is a habit.

So, why do we worry? Because we do. Because we’re human? Is it really human nature?

... we don't believe?
Our mind can only do one thing. Worry or Trust.  

Worry saps us of our energy and strength, that's the enemy's purpose! But we can use the same SAP to win over it! SAAP!

Because if we do this.. then we will always be in His grace.

If we are grateful, then we just won’t have time to worry about people who don’t like us, to worry about things we don’t have or can’t control BECAUSE we are busy with loving and appreciating God’s blessings and graces in our lives.

Every day, let’s forgive ourselves for not trusting God. Every day, let’s ask for forgiveness from God for not trusting Him enough.

.... and this is the key!

So next time we torn between worrying and trusting, let’s all look up, and look at the birds in the sky, and think about God.