Honor Thy Husband #weeklies

Week 16/52 #Weeklies

I asked a co-worker whose office is opposite mine. I told her if she can do me a favor, I'd like to show her a product because by doing so to 20 people, I can get mine free. Plain and simple request right? Her responseOK, let me talk to my husband first.

Ok, I’ll talk to my husband?! She said she’s ready to retire, so she could be in her 60s already. But, the response, Ok, I’ll talk to my husband. I mean, really? At her age? Wow!

In my case, I’ll talk to my husband yes, but I have never used that excuse yet :)

If someone would ask for a simple favor, I’d look at my schedule, think of Dennis' schedule and would readily decide if it’s a yes or no. I'd also tell not ask, Dennis later. I mean what’s the harm of a product demonstration? No one is obligated to buy anyway, right? But I guess that's not the point...

On a positive outlook, maybe that’s the way she honors her husband and maybe I should learn that too. (yeah, about time!)

Maybe, for next time I should save my decision for later. I would ask, and not tell Dennis, and let him decide if he wants to or not. Ugh, all I know is in the end he’d just say do whatever I want; it’s all OK with him. I also know that even if he says no, I know I could always change his mind and in the end he’d agree. It is that simple, really. 

I am just thankful I don’t have to use “let me ask my husband” as an excuse. I’m thankful I have a husband who honors me and my decisions. 

When I asked my co-worker again, she said, my husband doesn’t want it. 

Oh, well, I’m sure it wasn’t the husband who doesn’t want it, it was her, right? - for reasons I really have no business of knowing. 

The thing is persistent as I am, I’ll try again next time. Let her wait and see. 

Oh, I always see them at church, maybe I’ll just introduce myself to her husband and ask him direct. Hihi. 

Kidding :)

Still, the bottom line here is: Honor Thy Husband.
and my bottom line is: Honor Their Decision (for the mean time) :)


one sweet YES! #weeklies

Week 15/52 #Weeklies

Dennis was so excited to park the car to start the walking sacrifice last Good Friday. 

Last year we started the ritual of walking every Good Friday to Chimayo, one of the oldest churches in New Mexico (like more than 200 years old!), a miraculous church at that too!

Anyway, Dennis wasn’t able to come last year because he has to go to work and now he was so eager to park even if we told him it was still a long way to go and we could just park nearer like 30 minutes away and it would still be fine. But he insisted.

I told the kids to honor him, and follow his directions. So off we walk for 3 miles.

The weather cooperated and since we just had very light breakfast, walking still at 2pm was well, a good sacrifice, indeed!

We visited the church, paid our respects and decided to head back.

The wind started to blow and it started to get chilly.  I told everyone we would hitch a ride. Mimoi bought the idea and wanted to get a ride so bad. He knew it was a long walk back to the car.

I was still getting the courage to wave and ask for favor when the two pickup trucks passed. It was a missed opportunity, I know, but when the wind blew harder, I knew I had to do it.

Mimoi and I started walking backwards a couple of times so as not to miss the trucks. Mimoi was alerting me of incoming trucks! That's how decided he was!

We had to let some trucks pass because it was either carrying passengers already or the driver wasn't looking, but I still waved on some others to no avail. Not losing heart we tried again, but still they wouldn’t stop for us.

Dennis decided to stop walking to rest for a while. We followed suit and then came the truck… I waved, it stopped and I ran to ask permission to ride at the back. We were saved!

Mimoi happily said, a lot of truck drivers said no, but trying again and again led us to a yes! It was a good lesson!

We all brought home lessons that day I’m sure.

It was a first for me to hitch a ride in the US of A. If ever I need to do it again, I’m sure I would but most importantly was the lesson of trying and trying again.

No matter how many declination, rejections and naysayers… and there will forever be many of them for whatever reasons, still in the end what matters most is that one sweet yes and oh yes it will come… it will always come… it’s just a matter of waiting patiently, it's just a matter of not giving up!

Jesus died on the cross for us. He himself had even his own best friend reject him three times! But despite of all the negativity, he carried on, knowing that He will be victorious in the end. He knew that no matter how long, far or wide, that sweet yes and approval is coming. And it did, and it did.


Opening doors and windows #Weeklies

Week 14/52 #Weeklies

An acquaintance shared about how my other friends were laughing at all the extra activities I do.

It seems that deep down; I just attract opportunities and accept them with open arms. Even without prior processing or goal deliberation, I’d just jump and join the bandwagon. But, just like an onion plant, I’d be old in nine weeks and would be looking for something else to do. I've yet to master the art of patience.

The thing with life is that it will continue to teach us lessons, and until we learn the lessons, life will continue to throw us “opportunities” to embrace.

I’ve yet to live a life I want, and I am sure it is the reason why I smile at every opportunity that knocks on my door.

One day soon, friends will not be “laughing” at what I do anymore but seeing my results, I hope they’d say, “Tell me your story…”


Shift is good! #Weeklies

Week 13/52 #Weeklies


Aside from taking online courses, I spend most of my time on Facebook. Not to say it is a bad thing, because it is not. I get to see friends, relatives and family’s social activities and I get to be in touch! But, I realized lately that it has, at some point in time, gotten in a way of my purpose, and I was even unaware of it! 

This year, I've started off with the 30 Day Infinite Possibilities Project of Mike Dooley and there on, I've become more focused on living my vision board and best of all, I have started reading books again! Hurray! 

I thought, reading friends’ statuses on Facebook and famous artists’ gossips and stories here and there will suffice my thirst for knowledge hahaha, well, nope.

So, in my world now, I’ve become friends with my old time friends again!- Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, Earl Nightingale, George Clason, Thomas Willhite, Wayne Dyer, Leo Buscaglia among others… and have met new ones, like David Dean, Carol Dweck, Flip Flippen, Laura Fortgang, Bronnie Ware… and am excited with my What’s Next?!

All I know for now is that since I've started reading again... I've subconsciously activated my inner power... and that's a good thing! ... and for me that's becoming the-best-version-of-myself! Simply because I love what I am becoming because of the books I'm reading!

What about you? Have you made shifts in your thinking, habits, and hobbies yet? It may be a good thing. 

Reading my blogs every now and then could be a good shift too, you know? Lol. Just a thought!
Oh, I still am on Facebook. Gotta love Facebook! But I'm using it in moderation this time! :)


On dramas and teleseryes #Weeklies

Week 12/52 #Weeklies

I had a heart-to-heart talk with my husband, Dennis, one time. You see he's a lover of teleseryes!

He could sit all day just watching all his teleseryes and he'd be happy, peaceful and complete.

Today, I Begin Anew #Weeklies

Week 11/52 #Weeklies

I hurriedly walked out of the church.  The sun was shining beautifully in Santa Fe, NM. 

I saw the man again. He had boxes of books, I supposed, when I came in the church. Now he was busy putting it out. I asked if I could have one. Sure, he said. 

Flow #Weeklies

Week 9/52 #Weeklies

I was so tired last night that after I asked my kids to massage my shoulders, I just couldn’t control my eyes from closing anymore! I fell asleep at 8:30pm and woke up just before 5am. It was a refreshing sleep!

That wasn’t normal.