View from the Top

Week 6/52 #Weeklies 

What's sweeter than having a view from the top is that it is all free!

It was in July when we were invited to see a room at this hotel in Albuquerque, a Hilton hotel - honestly, we've never been to any in all our family travels! 

It's Possible! #Weeklies

Week 5/52 #Weeklies

As I place my traveling bag on the chair, I suddenly remember how I  daydreamed of spending nights at hotels (because of work)... and looking at where I am now... I'm shaking my head... it came true! 

Life happens #Weeklies

Week 4/52 #Weeklies

Life happens.

All was well during my 3 hour drive to Roswell, NM to visit a school in Tatum some 1.5 hours away, but on on the road back to Santa Fe a lot of 'life' happened. 

After just 30 minutes of driving there was lightning and it hailed so hard I had to pull over since it had zero visibility in the area, I was so afraid the hail would crack the windshield! Thank God it didn’t, and so following my husband's advice 
on the phone, I had to go slow and turned all my lights on, including the hazard lights because of the hard rain after the hail.

The Space Shuttle Ride! #Weeklies

Week 3/52 #Weeklies

To each his own, but if there is one thing I’d like to #pushmore it is knowing that my dreams will come true even if I don’t know how, yet.

You see... I have sweaty palms in high school. Thus, I shied away from holding hands – with girl friends and especially boys! Even the thought of 'holding hands' activity in class would make me sweat some more! Yikes!

No Pressure! #Weeklies

Week 2/52 #Weeklies

Sometimes, I am too preoccupied on wanting to be more, do more and have more that I get too stressed – and it’s not good.  

I remember the story of the fisherman who was relaxing by the beach, and then a businessman came and talked him into doing more than what he was doing. The businessman allowed him to see the world as he sees it. He told the fisherman how he will be able to get more of this and that… 

"A house with centralized AC!" #Weeklies

Week 1/52 #Weeklies

"A house with centralized AC!" One day, I'll live in a house with centralized air conditioning! I told my mom one crazy hot summer back in my high school years.

At the back of my mind, I knew it was a crazy dream, how will it ever happen?! I didn't know... and yet somehow, like magic, it came true!

Erase the I don't know HOW mentality

I had my second child in 2006. Dennis, my husband, worked as a seaman that time. Of course, I wanted a complete family. I did not like the idea that my two kids will grow up and not know their father as they should be (because he comes and goes), and I didn’t want that.

I think I was logical too. I knew it will be hard for Dennis to find a job in the Philippines that will pay the same as what he makes. I knew I couldn't ask him to resign because with a teacher's salary, I wouldn't be able to make ends meet at all. So, I thought, maybe, migration was the key.

Mother's Day in 2008

Remember my story about my very first mother's day here in the USA last May of 2008?

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I suddenly have an urge to reblog it here, so I will.