Today, I Begin Anew #Weeklies

Week 11/52 #Weeklies

I hurriedly walked out of the church.  The sun was shining beautifully in Santa Fe, NM. 

I saw the man again. He had boxes of books, I supposed, when I came in the church. Now he was busy putting it out. I asked if I could have one. Sure, he said. 

Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly. Great! It’s free and I love books! 

You see, I have been on a personal journey this year. It started on January 1st with Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities Project. There on, my mind just couldn’t be stopped! I’ve been doing things I’ve never done before. Well, at least have forgotten to do because of the busyness I allowed myself to get into. 

I believe God is sending me angels to support my endeavors. 

I walked and read the prologue at the same time.  Well, I was excited and wanted to see what the book was about.

Then, I heard the whisper, “Excuse me, Miss”.  I turned, the beggar gestured for me to read the note “Begging for help…” Well, that wasn’t what was written, but that was the message. 

I didn’t have cash so I turned my back and continued to read as I walked away. I didn’t have to explain myself, I justified.

“Have I been carrying Jesus’ work?” says the book. Geez!  

Ok. I should have not just turned my back to the beggar! I could have said, “I am sorry, I didn’t have cash, but God bless you.” 

That could have been better than just turning my back on him. He, made an effort anyway to say, “Excuse me, Miss.” And yet, I didn’t bother. 

I closed the book, looked up and said, “Thank you for the lesson, Jesus”. 

God has just invited me to a new beginning.



Flow #Weeklies

Week 9/52 #Weeklies

I was so tired last night that after I asked my kids to massage my shoulders, I just couldn’t control my eyes from closing anymore! I fell asleep at 8:30pm and woke up just before 5am. It was a refreshing sleep!

That wasn’t normal.

I Am Sorry! #Weeklies

Week 7/52 #Weeklies

While staring at the walls, undecided of what to do next, I was reminded of the #weeklies I started a couple of months ago. It wasn’t really "weeklies" using the calendar time frame but whenever the inspiration to write comes that would be the week! :)

I’ve been focused on writing about how powerful our minds are for weeks now

I am really amazed on how whatever our minds can conceive, whatever we can think about, God always has the way to make it happen for us. 

But of course, some things need understanding and time to mold. But sometimes, it just seems like magic. It will just all come together and boom it happens! It is simply awesome!

Life, though, isn't just about manifestations and creating magic and miracles... Life is all about relationships and how we relate to ourselves, to our family, to our friends and loved ones... and then boom! 

I thought of you... and you... and you... I am sorry.

View from the Top #Weeklies

Week 6/52 #Weeklies 

What's sweeter than having a view from the top is that it is all free!

It was in July when we were invited to see a room at this hotel in Albuquerque, a Hilton hotel - honestly, we've never been to any in all our family travels! 

It's Possible! #Weeklies

Week 5/52 #Weeklies

As I place my traveling bag on the chair, I suddenly remember how I  daydreamed of spending nights at hotels (because of work)... and looking at where I am now... I'm shaking my head... it came true! 

Life happens #Weeklies

Week 4/52 #Weeklies

Life happens.

All was well during my 3 hour drive to Roswell, NM to visit a school in Tatum some 1.5 hours away, but on on the road back to Santa Fe a lot of 'life' happened. 

After just 30 minutes of driving there was lightning and it hailed so hard I had to pull over since it had zero visibility in the area, I was so afraid the hail would crack the windshield! Thank God it didn’t, and so following my husband's advice 
on the phone, I had to go slow and turned all my lights on, including the hazard lights because of the hard rain after the hail.