J1 Visa Service Fee for Non-Filipino Applicants


Facilitation Services include:

Stage 1:

- Pre-Screening and Collaboration Facilitation

- Access to the Proprietary Wise Up Program

- Access to Teach-USA Proprietary Database

- Guidance and Facilitation on Visa Sponsorship Process and Support

- Guidance on US Embassy Application Process & Support

Online Professional Development and Training (as applicable)

Stage 2:

- Flight Resources and Pre-Departure Orientation/Information

- Guidance on Community Resources and Information

- Relocation Guidance and Facilitation

Online Community and Support

- Administrative, Miscellaneous, Technical Support

The Teach-USA Facilitation Fee is one-time ONLY but the full payment is required. The total facilitation fees are broken down to success stages ONLY to make the fees manageable. 

The teacher is bound by the Agreement signed with the legal representative of Teach-USA/or as agreed upon in writing.

The following fees are separate/optional: 

  1. FCE - Foreign Credential Evaluation Fee (You may use what you currently have/Optional Service - Please email apply@teach-usa.net subject: FCE Inquiry)
  2. US Teaching License Fee - (Optional Service - Please email apply@teach-usa.net subject: US License Inquiry)
  3. Background Check - FBI background check fee (in the US)
  4. Sponsorship Fees -The fees might range from $2275-$3760 (or varies) for the first year with annual renewals $1900 (or varies) until the end of the program. Sponsors also charge for insurance coverage. Some sponsors do not offer payment plans. 
  5. US Embassy Application - See Embassy site for the rates.
  6. Flight fees (airline tickets) and accommodations (separate)
  7. J2 Visa fees - (Optional)

Pre-termination/Cancellation Fee: Full Amount

Please refer to the Questions & Answers page to know more: https://www.teach-usa.net/questions-answers


The services of Teach-USA do not guarantee a US job offer or a US visa stamp on your passport. All fees are non-refundable. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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