J1 Visa Service Fee for Non-Filipino Applicants

*Promotional Rate for Non-Filipino Applicants for SY 23-24.

Facilitation Services include:

- Teach-USA Wise-Up Programs 

- Access to Proprietary Teach-USA Database

Facilitation and Online Support

The following fees are separate/optional: 

  1. FCE - Foreign Credential Evaluation Fee (Optional Service)
  2. License - License fee (Optional Service)
  3. Background Check - FBI background check fee (Optional Service)
  4. Sponsorship Fees -The fees might range from $500-$2500 for the first year with annual renewals (or varies) until the end of the program. Sponsors also charge for insurance coverage. Some sponsors do not offer payment plans. Applicants pay directly to the sponsor.
  5. US Embassy Application (Option)
  6. Flight Fees 
  7. Relocation fees (Optional Service)
  8. J2 Visa fees (Optional)
  9. After Job-Offer Facilitation (includes sponsorship process) (Optional Service)

The fee is one-time. 

And again, does not include other optional services like:

  1. Airport Pick Up and Transport to Location
  2. Housing Arrangements
  3. Aid in Social Security Card application
  4. Bank Account applications
  5. Transportation or Carpool resources

Pre-termination/Cancellation Fee: Full Amount

Note: Teach-USA services include Do-It-Yourself guidance and information for all Optional Services.

Please refer to the Questions & Answers page to know more: https://www.teach-usa.net/questions-answers

Regular Rate: 


The services of Teach-USA do not guarantee a US job offer or a US visa stamp on your passport. All fees are non-refundable. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Search for TEACHING JOBS here! - https://www.teach-usa.net/search-for-teaching-jobs-here

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