Funny, how our thoughts become our reality! I was just reminded of the experience, years back.

I went to pull out this kid for testing; I've tested almost all of the students in my area in preparation for their education program. The minute he sat down, I knew this kid, let's name him Bill, was different. Unlike all the other students who would just sit down and answer the test. Bill, was different. 

Different, because unlike most kids, he started asking questions, which were valid by the way, and maybe I was just taken aback because it was not everyday I see students like him.

So after, pacifying his imagination, and strictly telling him what to do, he followed and focused on what he needed to finish with some whining and sighs in between!

I emailed my psychologist friend about the student I was dealing at that moment, Bill. He gave me all the facts and experiences with teachers; and the reasons why he would always end up in an alternative setting, because he'd be expelled from school.

With my experiences in dealing with students with behavior problems, I bluntly wrote.. "You know what he needs? He needs a Filipino teacher! I am sure this Filipino teacher would make him change!.. and you know what? I know one or two Filipino teachers who are really good in dealing with students like him."

I was actually thinking of Filipino friends who are teachers and who just know how to discipline students; and of course the Filipino way of handling and managing behaviors :)

My psychologist friend said, (knowing Filipino teachers himself), "Well, it depends on the Filipino!" and I pushed, "Truly, if someone would just inspire and push him to his limits and mostly be patient with him, I am sure Bill will go places!"

"The trick", he said, "is to like the kid!"; I replied, "true.. the missing link!"

After 4 weeks....

.... I received an email from my head, asking me if I would be willing to teach a student based on the services agreed upon after school. Thinking it would be extra money, I readily said "Sure!".

GUESS, who the student was? Bill.

.... after 4 weeks with him, he was a changed man! 

I know I just have to make it a reality and it happened... he changed me! Lol!


  1. That is great that you ended up teaching him as you know what the kid really needs. And I may add that I knew a lot of Filipino teachers here in our area and in other stated that are well-loved because of how they handle their students.

  2. I agree on the missing link... just love the kid, although it's always better said than done. Wow, you did a great job on Bill. Kudos to all the Filipino teachers working overseas... myself included!

  3. I guess that just say how Filipinos can be good educators and patient motivators

  4. Awww! You are such an inspiration teacher and with your patience and perseverance to help other people paid off :) My son is almost like Bill in some other way :-) This kid needs a lot of patience and I know that he can do it and he did!!! How I wish that all teachers are like you :-) My hats off to you :)

  5. My wife is also a teacher ( a public school in Manila) and I can relate ! almost the same with her stories... I must say that this is the priceless reward a mentor/teacher can get in his/her very noble kind of job. I salute u Gemma!

  6. Glad to hear that you are uplifting the banner of Filipino teachers. I also believe that teaching kids requires extra effort because their childhood years are a prequel to who they will become in the future.

  7. hahaha... it's okay, you still get what you really wanted to happen. it's really nice of you to be patient enough to stay with the kid... lucky kid... and my salute to you. Yahweh bless.

  8. Wow kudos to you for not giving up on Bill. As a mom, I wish every teachers will be compassionate to kids and be patient to teach them.

  9. Wow, great experience indeed. For sure you and Bill will learn from each other.

  10. what kind of trick you did to behave him? hahaha. congrats to the filipino teachers who have known to be patient and be understanding.

  11. Nice story, sis! I commend all the teachers who went beyond their boundaries for the cause. And for you, well done!

  12. Good to know you are making a difference there. Your students are lucky to have you.

  13. Nice read here. Love the way on how God handle everything. You are his instrument sis and that is God's kind of a trick.

  14. This is so touching. when I was in high school I was like Bill. Not until I was inspired to do better in school by a teacher did it change. Now I am working on a Physics degree and I am the top 2% of my college. Don't stop what you are doing!

    1. Wow! Proud of you!!! Keep it up!!! .. and thank you :)

  15. Teachimg is love,if you have that then you have a very lucky students who admired you much.


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