Living with Intention #Weeklies

Week 10/52 #Weeklies 

I slept at 12 midnight last night. Usually I am OK with it but as soon as I shut my computer down, I knew I failed to live with intention, simply because I feel like wasted my time.

Sometimes it’s hard to live with intention. It’s funny as soon as I wrote that, memories of what I just ate entered my mind, oops, now I am remembering how I’ve been wanting to get that 10,000 steps in place but haven’t!  

Truth is sometimes we live life like we’ll be here forever! It’s easier to just allow our circumstances to assume the best in us. But have you ever wondered why God woke us up today? 

I just hope that we'll have time to listen, ponder and live life as it's meant to be.

P.S. We can always ask Him why.


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