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Week 36/52 #Weeklies

Before the school year started last month, the principal in one of the schools I work with, told me how he is still missing a teacher to complete his roster. I asked him why? Well, he said, there are no applicants. I told him jokingly, why not hire Filipino teachers?!

He looked at me as if seeing me for the first time. I smiled and said I'm Filipino and I actually know someone who is looking for work right now. He looked at me as if I was from out of this world, I nodded and assured him I was not joking. Then, I told him, look into it because that might just be the solution to your problem.

Friends, Teach-USA is a legal entity here in the US. It was established last Sept. 8, 2017, and I am not alone in this endeavor. 

We are a group of individuals who would like to remain anonymous (except me, Lol), but you will know who we all are when you become successful and when we pick you up at the Albuquerque International Sunport someday soon!

The vision of Teach-USA is Win-Win-Win! 

We love New Mexico, and we are devoted to making New Mexico win. 

At the same time, we want to help Filipino teachers to fulfill their dream of coming to the US to win for their families back home, to win for their children, and to win for themselves. 

But mostly, we want the students of New Mexico to win. Bad.

Yes, Teach-USA is a very different agency. We thrive on relationships, so we build relationships because we want everybody to win. 

It is the same reason why we want to know you more...

the same reason why we are asking you to read our website thoroughly and follow instructions...

the same reason why our services provide opportunities.



Who am I? I'm GemmaSee my profile here.

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May all our dreams be blessed!

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