Shout Out! #Weeklies

Week 46/52 #Weeklies

Our hearts are full.

SY18-19 is coming to a close and we are but very grateful for you, Batch 1 and 2, who have trusted Teach-USA in fulfilling your dreams to teach in the US.
You have all come so far.
Thank you for being brave, for embracing your fears and anxieties and giving your all. I bet you're not the same teacher when you came here in July and December anymore because you've grown better, brighter and have allowed God to use you for His purpose!
We want to give shout out to Batch 1 for trusting Teach-USA through and through. It was just all online marketing then, you've never met us and yet you've allowed us to work on your dreams. You've allowed us to hold your hands as we "weather the storms" of "scams" and "false stories".
Thank you Batch 2 for keeping your faith as well. The 2nd semester is really tough and yet you've faced all the challenges with a smile! What a journey it has been... and I believe God has allowed us to learn through all the circumstances that made us all the more humble, more God-centered and blessed.
Teachers, we are all very proud of your accomplishments, growth, and how God has molded you all to be more faithful to Him and to His promises for you and your families.
As your bridge, everything was all worth our time, effort and to see you all successful and happy is way more than what we could ever hope for. As your bridge, we've grown and serendipitously expanded along the way- and we are very thankful - If we've made your dreams come true, you've fulfilled ours as well! A true mission accomplished: Win-Win-Win! God is awesome!
Together, let's continue to grow in faith, in love, and eagerness that no matter where our paths will lead us... we hope we will forever be Teach-USA family.
Cheers to more dreams coming true soon, God willing!
God bless Teach-USA family!❤️
Cheers to SY18-19! Kudos to SY19-20!
All for the glory of God!❤️


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