People's Agenda #Weeklies

Week 48/52 #Weeklies

One day, friend #1 asked that I join her and the group that she's pooling to help friend #2. She didn't say what it was all about, all she said was to help her. My first mental reaction was, "No!" And true to thoughts becoming words, I said, "No", and added all the excuses why I couldn't join.

Why? Because I already "clairvoyantly" thought I will be sold into something and knowing my personality, I will not be able to say no, so I'd rather stay away from it. It was a valid reason, right?

But, I changed my mind the day before the meeting and tried to still come, even if late (because of real valid circumstances). True enough, friend #2 ventured into a new business and it's not just because sometimes I can be compulsive with my buying habits, but I gave her my business because it's beneficial to me.

On my way to the location, I thought about friend #1 and how generous she is with her time, money and effort. I love that she's always at her giving mode. It made me realize, time permitting, how open she is to whatever life is throwing at her. It could be a surprise message from an acquaintance, a late private message from a relative or a sudden message of visitation.

After the event, I suddenly realize how sometimes we are on GUARD when a long-time friend approaches us or suddenly sends a private message for a meet-up or out of the blue sends their regards. Most of the time, we put our walls so high because we "clairvoyantly" think they are only communicating to get our money. "Mmmm, maybe she will ask for a loan". "Oh, maybe, she will sell me something!" Or, "I'm pretty sure, she will ask for money". Or, "Oh no, no, no... tell me first then I will decide if I want to meet up."

It's sad to think about how friends are only friends if "what's in it for me" is satisfied. When they can no longer provide, people tend to be more cautious. So for those people who are trying on new things and learned that their first "market" is the "warm" relations. Suddenly, the "warm" relations aren't so anymore. They, too, become as cold as they could be.

I also realized my own agenda and how people are reacting to it and I thank God for the opportunity of a new day - to learn, to relearn and to unlearn. I thank GOD for a reset button to start over and BE more of what God wants me to be.

When we are open to life's opportunities, God will provide all the circumstances to make it happen for our own good. Always for our own good. The call to serve, to be present, to attend, to meet a new friend or to learn a new opportunity is not something to shy away from, rather, something to look forward to with open arms.

The "benefit" could be truly beneficial after all, if not, at least you learned something new. Otherwise, it is always A-OK to say no, hopefully after you hear the person out, even in surprise mode!


  1. I agree with you and we should really be more open to life's opportunities. I think you can cultivate the opportunity mind-set if you become aware of the good things in and around you, the blessings you enjoy and are grateful for. There is the opportunity you have to assist a friend, to extend a kind word when someone is feeling down or to join a team who pray for those who are troubled. If you're not open to life's opportunities then you could be walking into an ocean of opportunities, but never recognize even one.


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