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"Are you still recruiting teachers?"
"Am I"? Technically, I do not own a school so I do not "recruit" teachers to teach for me, however, we do have an employment facilitation agency, Teach-USA, where we "recruit" teachers to seek our services so we can bring out the best in them, and in doing so, allow them to be employable anywhere in the world.

Do we charge school districts for recruitment fees?

Different school districts we work with do not pay us recruitment fees because we do not recruit for them. Although our work is valuable in such a way that we spread the word about their job openings. Technically, both districts and teachers have the autonomy to select who they want to work with.

Let's put details on this.

Usually, recruitment fees are charged to companies when recruitment services are done for them. 

1) The recruitment agency will provide the Client with information concerning applicants whom they AGREE to consider for employment. 

When school districts give permission for Teach-USA to apply, teachers are given links. It is up to the teacher to select the schools and apply, if they want to. Teach-USA teachers' application with the district DOES NOT necessarily mean that the school districts AGREE to consider them for employment. School districts undergo their own screening. Districts have the option to NOT choose a Teach-USA applicant.

2) Prescreening and interviewing based on Client specific criteria. 

Teach-USA chooses our teachers based on their willingness to undergo the process and be trained. Our mock interview is a collaborative effort with teachers who have been successful in the process. We do not prescreen or interview based on any school district's requirements or criteria. 

3) Presenting eligible applicants directly to Human Resources (“HR”) 

HR and schools have 100% control of the process. They choose from the available list who applied to them and they decide on who they want to hire themselves. 

4) Coordination of interviews with HR

We help spread the word when interviews are requested.

Do we charge teachers "recruitment" fees? No.

Do we charge teachers for "being selected, hired or employed" with the school district? No.

Do we charge teachers for the services (online collaboration, customer service, professional development, important resources) we provided that "could be the factors" that allowed them to get selected and hired? Yes.

Do we charge teachers for the services (airport pick-up, initial housing arrangements, and carpool, community resources, if needed) we provided to help them initially settle in the US? Yes.

TEACH-USA: A Bridge to Your Dreams
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  1. Thank you for always accommodating our questions and preparing us emotionally.


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