Can a J1 Visa Teacher Start A Business in The US?

No, J1 visa holders cannot start a business under the J1 visa status. They can only do the activities or work based on their Form DS-2019. All activities are restricted to a specific employer and their J1 sponsoring organization.

However, a J2 spouse who holds an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) can start a company or business provided that the work authorization is valid.

Most J2 visa holders in the US work as independent contractors for Uber, Doordash, or any ridesharing companies, either full-time or part-time. Some also hold full-time positions in schools, hospitals, or any companies. 

J2 visa holders are subject to tax from year one.

Warning to J1 visa teachers: If you are monetizing your YouTube activities, it is best not to use your SSN and US address since any income generated from YouTube or any other social media platform is taxable. You may, however, use your J2 spouse's information as long as he/she holds a valid EAD.

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