I Want to Teach In the US BUT I have NO MONEY!


"I really, really want to teach in the US, but I have no money."

What I hear:

  1. I am poor.
  2. I have a dream.
  3. I have a dream, but I am poor, so my dream will remain a dream.
  4. I am poor, so I'll set aside my dream.
  5. I am poor, and I can never get out of it.
  6. I have a dream, but it won't happen.
  7. But I really, really want to achieve my dream.
  8. But I am really, really poor, and there's no way I can achieve my dream because I am very poor.

My questions and thoughts:

How could you reconcile your dream and say you would do your best, have faith in God, believe in yourself, and then surrender because of money issue?

Being poor is a mindset. If you are a teacher, you have the means to pay, but you choose to allocate it elsewhere. That's the correct mindset. 

Now, isn't it that if you really want to achieve your dreams, you will do everything to make it happen?

Otherwise, there's no sense in telling yourself one thing and doing another.

Unless your dream isn't as crucial as you tell yourself it is, then you make all the excuses.

But if money is really, really tight...

Like, there's no one in your world who can help you, there's ABSOLUTELY no one in your world who would support you, or there are no material things you have acquired in your world that you can let go and sell, or you can do nothing EVER to augment your income, or there's really nothing you can ever do that will make you get closer to your dream, then, drop it.

Drop the dream and stop telling lies to yourself.

Do you know that what you say to yourself becomes true to you?

Please don't make a statement and declare to me or the world that you have no money. 

There's no need to do that - else, you label "being poor" as your reality and your mentality.

I think it's best to keep quiet and go back to the positive "you" who has written all the words of hope during the application process and KNOW, WITH GREAT FAITH, that if God really wants you to achieve your dream and teaching in the US is part of His plan for you, BELIEVE He will arrange everything - even the littlest details!

Worry not.

You will likely find ways. It may take time, but you will get there. 

You will get out of your box to make it happen - because you know in your heart, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that this is IT for you!

Otherwise, why did God place that dream in your heart, in the first place?

I am rooting for you and your dreams! 

Someday, one day, believe me. It will happen!

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  1. Very true mam.. As long as you know it's for you and It's Gods plan for you he will help you and move in a mysterious ways

  2. I so agree, if you work for it God will meet and provide everything it will just be so amazing, it is just a wow that you were able to put up everything in His provision and guidance.

  3. It is true maam,but I know nothing is impossible as long as we pray harder and we make ways to provide the financial needs for USA VENTURE.

  4. I am prying that will provide my financial needs for my Apllication i ArizonašŸ„°

  5. Naluha ako while reading this.

  6. I am one of these dreamers. I pray and hope that someday as I am working little by little my dream would come true.

  7. I really want to teach in US but I don't have the cash. I would definately make the sacrifice and find the 257 dollars but I want to know if this programme is legit to my country.

  8. Yes that's true I really want it but only God knows, I did everything where to find finances, I Already offered to mortgage my farmLand to my brods and Sis who are department heads but they refused, I know tha the Lord God has a great plan for me soonest.

  9. always been amazed with your wisdom madame Gem!


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