Strike While The Iron Is Hot

I remember in high school when there was an exodus of nurses in the Philippines or something like that. There was a demand for nurses, so most of my classmates studied nursing to do the same. 

And then, there was a visa retrogression, so the majority who applied for the US jobs got stuck in the Philippines for years before they could leave. 

And after a few years more, there was less and less noise about it.

When I inquired about the need for nurses, many hospitals informed me that they had changed their hiring requirements. They have become less stringent with it. Now, they can hire anybody with an Associate in Nursing Degree. Associate Degrees take two years to complete. So the need to hire international nurses is less in demand now than before.

It's all about upward and downward trends.

The bottom line is if you want to teach in the US and change your life. Don't wait. Strike while the iron is hot. Otherwise, who knows what's in store? You may face a downward trend or change in teacher hiring requirements and visa availabilities and sadly, miss the opportunity.


Wait no more!

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