Work in Silence

Growing up, my mom (may she rest in peace) would always tell me to work hard in silence. She omitted the part about letting success be my noise. I thought because she wanted me to value humility.

So ever since, if I have a goal or a dream, I'd allow no one to know about it.

Why? I understand my mom's wisdom, comparing it to a seed growing silently in the ground. 

Plus, sharing your goals or dreams with anyone adds pressure. It feels like you always need to PROVE YOUR WORTH TO ANYONE - and why do that?!

Reaching your goals and dreams is stressful enough. You don't need more noise from outsiders! And you don't want to continue updating family, relatives and friends!!!

As you work hard for your dreams, stay quiet. And when you have already reached your "biggest WHY," post it on social media! - you deserve to celebrate!

But in the mean time, shhhh.


Please email your resume to if you dream of teaching in the US. We can keep secrets. 

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