She Changed Before My Eyes

Remember my little student who called 911 on my classroom phone (Story here: and who tattle-tattled me to the principal (Story here:

After the tattle-telling incident, she asked, "Ms. Gemma, can I be a teacher in your class too?" I said yes!

Well, she meant it! - Talk about empowerment!

She started by teaching letters and letter sounds. And amazingly, after a week of constant drilling, the little boy got it! (The little boy doesn't recognize about 1/3 of the alphabet!) He is also in third grade.

*I ensured that my 911 little kid first worked on her sight words. I told her you can't teach what you don't know. She excitedly focused!

I asked her to work on the sight words with him because she is an effective teacher. Her eyes glowed when I said that, and then she stated, "Can I have Takis because of it?!" - Yup, my young negotiator, strategist, and deal maker!

And today, she revealed herself some more - my little entrepreneur in action!

I had to verify what "work" means?! 

When she said that students would work with her in reading and math, either she helps the student or the student helps her, I agreed!

I sent the photos to the principal, and she replied with "I love it!" and "Fantastic!"

There is truth in the idea that the thing changes when you change how you look at things.

My students are still.... kids. Haha.

But seeing them change before my eyes is awe-inspiring!

P.S. She exclaimed this morning, "My mom was put in jail today! But that's OK! I have a nanny who will take care of me! So, it's going to be OK!"

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