What Do You Want?


"What do you want??"

I have been asked that question many times, and most of the time, I would not know how to answer it.

Reflecting upon it now, deep within, I know what I want. But I am too fearful to acknowledge it because I fear. I fear being laughed at. I fear that it may not come true. I fear. I worry. I stress.

And it's no good.

Do you know what you want?

I say, hold on to it. Don't let it go.

But be prepared.

Be prepared to take on the challenge of wanting to live your dreams.

Take responsibility and accountability for the changes that will happen.

You can only grow and learn in the process.

And it'll be an exciting adventure in your life!

But take courage.

Because you will no longer be in the box you created for yourself - yes, that comfortable little box you are in right now - where it's all so predictable, where you feel secure and safe, where everything is OK, just OK. And you are OK. And all is OK. 

Ah, there is nothing wrong with being in that little tiny box. Continue to be grateful for the life you have created. Continue to embrace what you have. Continue to love and be in love with the life you have now. All is good.


But if there is this tiny voice in your heart bugging you every time, and the more you shoo it away, the louder it tells you to go for your dreams, then go for it! 

Move towards the direction of what you want.

No matter how tiny the steps are.

Walk towards it.

Life is too short to live in fear continuously.

Instead, focus on that little voice to lead you to your heart's desires. And it will.

Easier said than done? Yes.

Are there guarantees that life will be smooth, dreams will come true, and all will be well? No. 

But will all that hinder you from listening to the voice telling you to go for your dreams?

So, "What do you really want?"

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