On Finding The Means


If you have a dream, let it thrive!

Find the purpose in your dream.

And allow God to take care of all the means to make it happen.

Remember, if you seek God, He will give you the dream, the purpose, and the mission.

The dream, the purpose, and the mission are God's. It's His gift for YOU!

So, allow Him to make it come true!

Allow Him to be the BIG GOD in your life!

Trust that He will make it possible for you - even if you see no money, no resources, nothing YET. 

TRUST that God will move mountains. 
He will build bridges.
He will clear the path!
He will open new doors for you! 

Do not GIVE UP! 

Do the very best you can with what you've got.

And keep on dreaming!!! 

Also, learn to listen to the voice within You. 

It will show you the way. 

It will whisper where He wants you to go, to talk to, to listen to, to move away from, to be connected with, and on and on and on until you see yourself living the dream, the purpose, and the mission you have in your heart all along!

Times are exciting and it's all for His glory!

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