I've never been out-of-the-Philippines for all of my life. Well, until March 2007 when the thought of wanting to migrate to the USA came to mind. Six months after, my thought did come true!

I have quite an interesting story about the "thought-thing". I find our minds really do wonders when we use it to our advantage. 

And yes, I was really very curious about everything! Everything about the USA!

It was my first time to ever leave the Philippines so I didn't even have an idea as to what "another country" looked like! I was that naive!

I had too many questions! From: "What will happen to me in schools? What will the students say? How do they look like? Will they understand me? What about the teachers, are they nice? What about the system?" To: "Will I survive???" 

I applied for a teaching job in New Orleans, Louisiana and I got the job! That was all I knew then, I got the job... but expectations-wise? I had no idea!  

My only prior knowledge about the education system of America were school-related Hollywood movies! And, hmmm, it was not heaven at all!

So a week before my flight, I surfed the net and did my research.

I was hoping to find a STORY of a real Filipino Teacher in America, who shares her thoughts, her experiences, insights, and learning. I was hoping to find a website that would allow me to prepare... at least, as to what is in store for me when I go there!

Unfortunately, I did not find any STORY! Yes, there was news about agencies being sued, teacher rallies, teacher successes and achievements, organizations existing in a particular area... But, what I was really looking for wasn't there or maybe I just didn't surf enough?

So, just like being married, I was in for a surprise! I had to find out for myself my WIFM "What's in it for me?"

And I did find my what, when, where and how!


Thank you for visiting my site! I am sure God has a purpose for you being here!

This personal blog is my stories about my life here in the USA. 

My job experiences, my USA travels and my insights about things that matter to me. 

Welcome to Pinoy Teacher's Stories! 

I hope something good is drawn out from you as you read my story... my stories!


I love writing my thoughts. 

I used to write diaries when I was younger. But we all know writing got better with time and technology!

If before, my diary was for my eyes only, now I find pleasure in letting the world wide web know of my thoughts and learning along the way. 

It has become a passion for me to share and not keep awesome thoughts to myself.

I have two other blogs. 

Love My Dailies is all employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for Filipinos everywhere! 

The other blog is named Gem's Daily Treasures. It is about inspirited ideas on personal development, wellness, and financial matters. It is a lifestyle blog about living, loving and learning.

Thank you all for reading and following my blogs!

I'm Gemma, by the way!

Thanks for reading!


Oh, please feel free to send me an email at pinoyteacherstories@gmail.com for any comments, suggestions, topic ideas, guest post or advertising opportunities.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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