Los Angeles Adventure: Westlake/MacArthur Park

My last stop before deciding it was time to go home - was here at the Westlake/MacArthur Park

  - where I found real life stories.

 of people in love...

...of a man probably looking for love

or probably searching for peace...

 or maybe there were simply just passing time!

 So, what I did was to just enjoy what I had for the moment!

 until I knew, it was time to go home.

LAST STOP for the day adventure here.

March 21-30, 2008
New Orleans via Atlanta to Los Angeles -
Pasadena - Hollywood trip

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  1. So many birds!

    Too bad I don't live near a park. Spending a quiet time alone at a park seems really refreshing and relaxing.

  2. Is this THE MacArthur Park of the song? Wow...

  3. the 9th photo is very beautiful.
    people watching is one of the nice things to do in parks other than relaxing :)

  4. Wow... Parang ang gandang mag relax relax lang sa Park nayan...:)

  5. Nice--- i would love to see this place in person not just in photos--- very useful pst since my partner and i are planning to go to USA this year....^^__^^

    Eigroj Stain

  6. What a nice place. Hope you enjoyed your vacation! :)

  7. The place reminds me of the romantic Hollywood movies I ever watched.

  8. I love how you paint stories with your photos with just a few words. Love the shots, photographer ka din pala!:)

  9. You did your ME time perhaps!
    nice captions!

  10. gorgoues photos dear!! indeed different people seems to find themselves somewhere really great! xx

  11. Wish we have one like that here in Pinas. But for sure, vendors will flock and it would not be as peaceful and clean.

  12. Have to agree w/ Athena's comment. Stunning photo!


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