H-1B Service Fee for Non-Filipino Applicants

Teach-USA Facilitation Total Fee: $3000

$500 Entry Fee
$500 To Initiate the H1B Process
$2000 Payable within 6 months in the US (Facilitation Fee)
$3000 Total

Services include:

- Entry to Teach-USA Wise-Up Programs 

- Access to Teach-USA Proprietary Database and Information

- Sponsorship Process*

- US Embassy Application Process Support

- Facilitation and Online Support

The following fees are separate:

  1. FCE - Foreign Credential Evaluation Fee (You may use what you currently have/Optional Service)
  2. License - License fee (Optional Service)
  3. Background Check - FBI background check fee (Optional Service)
  4. Sponsorship Fees - c/o School District
  5. H1b Premium Processing Fee 
  6. US Embassy Application
  7. Flight Fees
  8. Relocation fees (Optional Service)
  9. H4 Visa fees (Option)

The Service Fee is one-time. 

And again, does not include other optional services like:

  1. Airport Pick Up and Transport to Location
  2. Housing Arrangements
  3. Aid in Social Security Card application
  4. Bank Account applications
  5. Transportation or Carpool resources

Pre-termination/Cancellation Fee: $800

Regular Rate:


The services of Teach-USA do not guarantee a US job offer or a US visa stamp on your passport. All fees are non-refundable. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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