H-1B Service Fee for Teachers Residing Not In The Philippines

H-1B Service Fee for Teachers Residing Not In The Philippines, including Filipino Teachers working outside of the Philippines.

Facilitation Services include:

Stage 1: Preparatory Process

- Pre-Screening and Collaboration Facilitation

- Access to the Proprietary Wise Up Program

- Access to Teach-USA Proprietary Database

- Guidance and Facilitation on Visa Sponsorship Process and Support

- Guidance on US Embassy Application Process & Support

Stage 2: Out-of-Home-Country Process

- Pre-Departure Orientation

- Flight Resources and Information

- Guidance on Community Resources and Information

- Relocation Guidance and Facilitation

Online Community and Support

- Administrative, Miscellaneous, Technical Support

- Online Professional Development and Training (as applicable)

The Teach-USA Facilitation Fee is one-time ONLY.
*Teach-USA Services Fee is for facilitation only not recruitment and placement. Only US school districts have 100% control over recruitment and placement.

The following fees are separate: 

  1. FCE - Foreign Credential Evaluation Fee (You may use what you currently have/Optional Service)
  2. FBI and License Service (Optional Service)
  3. US Embassy Application Fee
  4. H1B Premium Processing Fee 
  5. H4 Visa fees (Option)
  6. Flight Fees 
  7. Possible Praxis or TOEFL Examination Fees 

Pre-termination/Cancellation Fee: $2500


The services of Teach-USA do not guarantee a US job offer or a US visa stamp on your passport. All fees are non-refundable. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. Hi Ma'am Gemma, is this also applies to Filipino teachers teaching abroad? or for foreign teachers only. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

    1. yes, all teachers residing not in the Philippines including Filipino teachers working abroad.

  2. Hi Maam Hilotin,
    What about if you are already a J1 teacher and is currently in the US, and you wanted to acquire H1B visa from your current district, is there a possibility that you can also assist? (The district does not know about H1B visa)

    1. yes, do you have a waiver? please read to learn more- https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/07/all-about-securing-waiver.html

  3. Can a teacher from Ghana also apply?

    1. yes, please email your resume to apply@teach-usa.net

  4. Hello! In what step is applying for a job in the US included? Thank you.

  5. what will guarantee my placement


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