Teach-USA Q&A

Can Teach-USA help me with my Foreign Credential Evaluation (FCE)? 

Yes, this is an optional service with Teach-USA.

Can Teach-USA also help me with my US Teaching License? 

Yes, this is an optional service with Teach-USA.

Will Teach-USA apply to schools for me? 

No, all applicants will apply online using our proprietary database or trailblaze with other school districts, if they want. But yes, you will apply on your own. Although some districts request for Teach-USA teacher information, majority of the US school districts have their own online system where teachers can apply.

Will Teach-USA find schools for me? 

We provide our proprietary database with Teach-USA presence across US states to our members. We also allow teachers to explore schools on their own through our trailblazing process.

Will Teach-USA connect me to job interviews? 

It depends, some school districts request our database of teachers and they choose from the list, but some want 100% control over who they want to interview.

Will Teach-USA give me a visa sponsor to help process my documents? 

Yes, Teach-USA has accredited J1 visa sponsor partners that assist with sponsorships. Some teachers can choose to join other sponsors independently as well.

Do I pay the full Teach-USA service fee even if I was hired by a school district that wasn't on the proprietary database? 

Yes, we call trailblazing in Teach-USA. And yes, you pay in full as stated in the legal agreement with Teach-USA.

Do I pay the full Teach-USA service fee even if another sponsor assists me with my visa sponsorship and not through Teach-USA visa sponsor-partners? 

You are free to get assistance from other sponsors that are not our partners. But, as stated in Teach-USA's legal agreement, you will pay us regardless if you get help from other sponsors that are not our partners.

Do I pay Teach-USA for relocation services? 

Relocation services are an optional service with Teach-USA. We provide transitional guidance and support in the program.

Where are Teach-USA teachers teaching right now? 

From SY 2018-2019 to-date our teachers are all over thirteen (13) US states.

Do you have a YouTube account for Teach-USA? 

Yes, please feel free to subscribe, like, and follow: Teach-USA YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TeachUSA

How much do you charge your teachers?

Please feel free to check out these links: 

J1 Visa Service Plan Fee for Filipino applicants: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/05/teach-usa-service-plan-fee.html

J1 Visa Service Plan Fee for Non-Filipino applicants: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/05/j1-visa-service-fee-for-non-filipino.html

H1B Possibility Program for Filipino applicants: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/06/h-1b-service-fee.html

H1B Possibility Program for Non-Filipino applicants: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/07/h-1b-service-fee-for-non-filipino.html

Explanation on Fees: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2020/02/recruitment-fees.html

Are your fees recurring during the duration of the J1/H1b program or is it one-time payment only?

The fees are charged one-time only. Our online facilitation service is FREE within the duration of the program.

Your service fees are a lot LESS than all third-party agents based in the US, why?

We are happy to know that people are sending blessings and prayers to Teach-USA's success, so we pay it forward.

Do you have Teach-USA Facebook group?

Yes, please feel free to join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/teachusa/

Can I not get your services and still participate in the J1 Visa Program of the US Department of State?

Yes, teachers who want to teach via the US visa programs have different options to achieve this opportunity.


go do-it-yourself!

apply with local agencies

apply with US third-party agents like Teach-USA

Please read to know more: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/01/how-your-options-to-j1-visa-program.html

I am not currently teaching, can I still apply?

Yes, with these conditions:

Read: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/06/not-currently-teaching-eligibility.html

I am college teacher, can I also apply?

Yes, with one condition:

Read: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/06/college-teacher-can-i-participate-in-j1.html

I am a retired teacher, may I join the program?

Yes, with one condition:

Read: https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/06/can-i-participate-in-j1-program-if-i.html

I have a degree in secondary education but my teaching experience is not in elementary education.  Would I qualify to get this license? 

US Teaching License is based on your educational background. Yes, school districts will account all your related experiences (to your salary) but you can only apply based on the license you are qualified for or given.

Do you guarantee success in Teach-USA programs?

Teach-USA programs do not guarantee any job interviews, job offers, or J1/H-1B visa offers and approvals. We also not guarantee a US visa stamp on your passport. 

Teach-USA believes everything is God willing. We only do our best and we allow God to do the rest. If you give your 100% in your Teach-USA journey, know that change can happen and you will never be the same again.

Do you offer refunds?

All fees are non-refundable. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.


  1. I am not a filipino I am from Costa Rica CanI participate in the program?

    1. yes, please start here - https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/07/j1-visa-or-h1b-visa.html

  2. Hello, I have submitted my resume before. Due to financial reasons I am not able to continue with my application.. Can I still continue with my application?

    1. yes, choose your pick and follow the link of your choice- https://www.pinoyteacherstories.com/2022/01/which-is-better-h1b-or-j1-visa.html


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