Airport Blues

I was so excited! Well, it was actually a mixed feeling! 

At that time, I was with Louella (a Special Ed Teacher too)  

We checked in our baggage first. No problems.

It was around five o’clock in the morning, still, early so we went outside again to eat some breakfast, took some pictures and after a while, we said our goodbyes.

We then walked towards the immigration line. 

 Confident, excited, anxious… and then I was asked, “Where’s your travel permit?” 

I was dumbfounded!
I didn’t have one! 
My mind took an 180-degree turn! 
How will it ever be possible for me to secure one at 5 am!!!

I immediately mouthed the words, “travel permit??!!” to Louella, and she immediately whisked me away from the line. 

I wasn’t able to think clearly. I knew it was impossible to have one at that time!

She took a deep breath and then asked me to follow her.

She walked towards another immigration officer! (Why didn't I think of that?!)

She headed first this time.. after 30 seconds, she was approved. 

My turn (at this time, I have called on all the angels and saints!!!)... 27, 28, 29, 30 seconds... 
Thank God!

Lesson 1: 
Be prepared! If you are a public school teacher, it is a MUST to secure a travel permit from your district. Sometimes, they will not ask for it, but you never know! Just like what happened to me!

Lesson 2:  
The presence of mind is very important! Thank goodness, Louella has got it! :)

 America here we come! 
But, the airport in HK was so big! 
Oh no! 
We got lost!!!

Our baggage was dropped off in 
Los Angeles instead of New Orleans! 
Uh Oh!

Lesson 3:  
Be sure to take out all negative vibes! :)

Just thinking aloud, we are not jinxed, right? LOL!


  1. aliw blog mo, magaan at nakakagaan! keep it up sis! patuloy ka mag inspire ng nakararami. - mn

  2. I love reading Your blog, it's so light and I like the humor.. Hehe. Yeah presence of mind is a must, it is our savior most of time.

    Ps, hi my vision is not so great, the font of your blog entry is good very easy to read but the comments and the one on the right side is so difficult for me to read... Hehe. Pasensya na, I know some readers with bad eye sight like mine will agree.. Just my 2cents... ;)

  3. Agree with the first commented, you blog is refreshing! Going to a new land is exciting, good luck to new endeavors in America!

  4. OH my! I would have panicked too if the same thing happened to me. :( But good thing you had your friend with you. Truly is a lesson learned. It's always best to secure a travel permit.

  5. Kung ako yun.. sigurado mangiyak-ngiyak nako.. hahahaha...

    Cool Blog...

  6. That was one scary experience. I believe I was very lucky to have queued in the lady who never asks too much question in the immigration when I came here two years ago. The funny thing was she even quipped: "Pag nakahanap kayo ng work ..mag pa register kayo sa POEA ha..." That was a relief.

  7. i love learning from other people's mistakes. thanks for sharing them here.

    love your creative storytelling also. i feel like a kinder student! :)

    1. that made me LOL - thanks! I guess, being a SPED teacher has gotten into me already - this the "creative" story telling! LOL!

  8. wow!! better be in the airports at least 2 hours or more specially if your a newbie or its a big airport so you can have a lot of time to spent whenever there's a problem or something!! at least you guys are having fun!! its always nice visiting new countries or new place! xx

  9. I miss exchanging comments with you Ms.Gems. I still owe you the Liebster blog award, but then you're on top of my list. Hay naku, if that happened to me I would have died on the spot and be whisked away by immigration officers. I am intimidated by immigration officers especially our own. Haha.:)

  10. lesson learned: in the form you submit DO NOT..I repeat DO NOT put public school teacher...not even teacher or anything that would identify you as a government employee. This happened to 10 of our nurses who took advantage of the CEBPAC promo for Singapore in 2010. The first 4 passed immigration then the next 2 wrote in their form Nurse I as their job title. Ayun! nag kakandarapa na. because even if they did not put government was obvious they were...kasi meron ba naman private company na may numbers yung position title. The immigration called the administrative officer of their hospital and that was a saturday. After intense negotiation (begging), they were finally allowed to leave.

  11. cool post, luv the humor in this post:) buti alang question immigration nung turn u na jeje,

  12. what a nice read to end my day.. thanks!

  13. Yes, aliw ngang basahin. Moral lesson: b]Better be prepared than sorry. Pero at least nakarating kayo ng maluwalhati kahit may konting palpak.

  14. First time to hear about travel permit. Good to know you got through immigration without further hassles... Except lost luggages can really be annoying!

  15. malamang super badtrip na ko when that happens to me.
    Hope you had a safe trip mam :)

  16. It's really scary if that happens to me and my family. Sobrang hassle yun pag nagkataon.

  17. not sure if you mean an official travel permit for you as a government employee or the waiver of exclusion ground permit for your daughter since coz you are not traveling without the father, but whatever that is you have handled the situation well and so the angels are ready to assist!! and oh the diverted luggage! good luck in your US stay! keep on inspiring others through this blog.

    1. it was the official travel permit for me; hubby and kids joined me after a year!; hahaha thanks to all angels and saints! lol!

  18. I guess i can call myself an expert talking to immi officers i've been back and forth many countries and knew alareyd everything ! happy trip deaR! xx

  19. Gemma, nice reading your blog. It seems only yesterday that we were chatting on line when I was already here in Canada and you were still there in the Philippines. Then before I knew it, you arrived in the US after a year. You deserve all these blessings. So happy for you that you made it with your talent, perseverance and God's help. Hope to see you again and share with your success.CONGRATS on your 9th year at the land of milk and honey.

    1. Thanks ma'am!!! See you soon!! God willing :)


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