Roller Coaster/Helicopter Moments

It was really like a roller coaster/helicopter ride!

From teaching Filipino high school students in the province of Quezon, Philippines to teaching Black American students in the hurricane-stricken state in the US (It was in August 2005 when Hurricane Katrina took most of the beauty of New Orleans - it was just two years ago then - and you could still feel the sadness and depression the calamity did to the state.)

We needed to cope, adjust and understand the situation fast!

We were placed in the under-performing schools to teach Special Education students.

We had to learn the Black American culture, language, and system of doing things.

It was a real challenge.

From working with different nationalities to adapting the "inclusion" type of service, to understanding slang, to coping with the student's unique behavior, to adjusting to our new way of life.

My Dairy during one of my "roller coaster" moments.

"It is a continuous challenge to be an effective and efficient teacher if you are handling students in middle school who are over aged and performing 5-6 years below their grade level in both Math and Reading!

It is a continuous struggle to make them learn.

It is difficult.

But I know despite the all the craziness, discontentment, anxiety, and fear…

I have to accept what I have created, embrace life as it is.

Dream on.

Keep the faith.

And continue to believe. “There is so much more.. and everything works for good.”

And so it is." (16 months after)

Our helicopter moments with our students.

I just needed to believe that there is a purpose for all the experiences, to continue to bring out the best in my students, despite the culture-shock, difficulty and challenges, because in the end, I know, it will bring out the best in me.

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  1. life is boring without challenges, that's the purpose of living - Shalom


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