"No Filipino" Party

I've mentioned in my post Kaibigan sa America  that I would rather be with Filipinos than be with OTHER RACES during free times, weekends, holidays and socials. If given no choice but to socialize with them, I feel safer if there are other Filipinos in the room with me.

Coming here, I've become anti-social in a way! LOL!

Well, first and foremost, what will I say? How will I socialize? Speak up and tell stories? translate galore!!! Be friendly, act friendly and be a friend?

I do not know where all these are coming from, but COMFORT ZONES. Not sure why, though. It's the unknown that is making me back out, thus the post To camp or not to camp?

Well, TODAY, thanks to my every supportive husband, I've attended the end-of-the-year-party with my colleagues at work ON MY OWN!

I've invited Filipino friends to come with me, even Filipinos who work in the same building with me, to no avail, they don't want to come too!

Armed with "I-can-do-this- attitude", I went. I ate, I mingled. I ate, I mingled some more. I found my comfort zone. I ate again! and then, I saw one Filipino (our first meeting too!). I survived. LOL!

It wasn't bad after all. It was good meeting new friends... like that small talk with the wife of my boss, that was fun! ...  like making a co-worker's little boy cry, LOL!... like conversing with people I closely work with- this time, non-work-related talk! and just enjoying listening to people!

I should have brought by camera, and took pictures! Because, unlike Filipino gatherings, no one's taken any photos!

I learned it wasn't bad after all. I just needed to show up, enjoy and have fun! Filipinos or NO Filipinos!

... because a Filipino will show up, nonetheless. LOL!

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  1. I also have a failing grade in terms of socializing.. terrible at it actually. I'm a bit shy! hehe.. I prefer nature trips alone but sometimes we can't avoid it and we need to socialize too, times like those I just swallow my fear and mingle! hehe but I still keep on checking the time I want it to be over soon.. hehe ;))

  2. hahaha! Ms. Gemma, you should initiate the group to have picture takings. ^_^
    With regard to socialization, I thank my self-esteem for making me thrilled most of the time... Nah, when I was 17 years old, I traveled alone using ferry and met a white guy. Guess what, I was the one who talked to him first as if we've met before lol hahaha! ^_^

  3. Filipinos are shy by nature but we definitely are a friendly bunch once we get the hang of it. Our personality is as warm as the weather in the Philippines.

  4. I stay with my Filipino friends as well and have been friends with them for ten years than American :-) I'd rather be myself than pretend :-)

  5. Sometimes we really need to be the one to do the first move and decide in a different group. I think being new in the group, it takes a lot of courage to show up and mingle too.

  6. the last sentence really made me laugh. filipinos are definitely everywhere.
    it's good to know that you still went even if there are no filipinos. it's really a chance to know your fellow employees.


  7. I'm the perennial photographer in every party so I need to socialize ;D Otherwise I'll end up empty handed...and I love making friends...from all walks of life. :)

  8. good for you! i, too need to socialize here but it's harder when you live in a non-English speaking country. Everything is just foreign!

  9. same here, i won't be comfortable if i don't have a kababayan in a foreign land... but you're right, filipinos just show up. Yahweh bless.

  10. It's always pleasant to meet
    KABABAYANS wherever we may be
    in any parts of the world. It seems like
    we are HOME having time to converse in
    our own language.

  11. It's always fun to be around with people of different race and culture. You'll enjoy the things you still don't know from them.

  12. Good for you. Maybe in due time you will find good friends there.


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