Pink Slips!!!

Was it a curse or a blessing? 

THE STORY: Evey year I change schools since coming here in the USA!

1st Mid/High School taught.

Other Line: "Hi, ... we'd like to interview you for a position..."
Me: "Huh? Why? I remember signing a contract for the next SY with my school..."
Other Line: "No, you were in the surplus list.."
Me: "Huh?, will it be alright if I call you right back, let me just verify with the district..."

True enough, my name was on the surplus list...

GOOD NEWS: I was placed after the interview.  

2nd Mid School taught.

**I'm sorry, but we will need to let you go, the district's restructuring and since you are on a visa, we can't take you in...

GOOD NEWS: I was placed after an interview with another HS (3 days after the "sorry we can't take you in anymore" story")

3rd HS taught.

**No letting you go story, but I let go, my 2nd year with them. Long Story!

GOOD NEWS: We moved.. beautiful place!

4th HS taught.

**Pink Slip (again!!!)

GOOD NEWS: New workplace.. 

Mmmmm... jinxed? or simply blessed?

I'd go for the later. God has his ways, He has His plans.

I love how he moved me from one school to another, and gained friends and mentors along the way.

I am real grateful for the many persons who have believed in me. African-Americans, Caucasians,  who have been very willing to recommend, guide and support; and continue to do so even up to now.

It was a blessing; still a blessing; and I thank God for it!

Unto your hands O Lord, I entrust my workplace.


Thank God, this year - I'm staying in my new workplace! God is good! :)

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  1. Everything happens for a reason and well, It's great that you can bend to the different situations life throws at you.

  2. yeah God is good! I know too that whatever happens in our life has a purpose.. I just hope to know the purpose behind the things that are happening in mine real soon.. hehe ;) (demanding konti..)

  3. indeed the Lord has His reasons for everything and He will provide the things needed... i hope everything will work out just fine in the new workplace. Yahweh bless.

  4. It is true that everything happens for a reason, but eventually, things would fall into place :)

  5. I agree, there's a reason for everything. And I believe every reason has its reasons. It has always has ways of telling us what to learn from it.