Sleeping while driving!

We drove again, after stopping by McDonalds for lunch. We were driving for a day and a half already. It was a long drive from New Orleans, Lousiana to Gallup, New Mexico. A total of 22 hours straight, but we didn't do that, we stopped to sleep for like 7 hours and then drove again.

The thing is when my husband drives, I sleep. When I drive, he wouldn't sleep yet, he would want to share stories first to make him sleep, by that time, I'd feel sleepy too!!!

I was telling him, I was sleepy too many times, I was forcing my eyes to open but he was already asleep, kids were asleep that time too. It was just after lunch and well, the long roads of New Mexico, the heat of the sun.. it was really perfect for siesta! Not while driving though!

I am not sure how long I had my eyes shut, I FELL ASLEEP without me knowing, while driving at 80mph PLUS! All I remember was opening my eyes and looking at a big truck's bumper. It was VERY NEAR! Since I was going really fast - my next option was NOT to use the brake but to overtake/maneuver the car to my left at ONCE to keep us safe.

Thank God, there were no cars on the road but our car and the big truck!

Thank God for waking me up in the nick of time!

Thank God for keeping us safe!

My husband and kids were asleep the whole time. They had no clue what just happened! I didn't also dare tell my husband what just happened. It took me like a month to share the story.

But, from then on, I just had to pass driving after lunch. I really can't help but sleep after lunch, on the road. It's just automatic eyes shut!

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