Teaching Summer School


I was back at the first school I've taught in Gallup for the summer school. While using the school's fax machine, I saw my principals, one of them asked, "Are you going to work for the high school this coming year?", while others were waiting for my reply...

A month before, my boss informed me that the school wants me back for SY 2012-2013. The position I had the year before has been vacated and they want me back!

They did promise, prior to the "pink slip" story last year (blog post here), that they will try to bring me back. They kept their promise, a year after!

I said, "No..", smiling. They made a face. "I'm here for the summer class... ", wanting to change the topic. They continued, "we want you (back)...", I said, "thank you.. " and smiled.

I seemed to be OK with the position I have this year. I still deal with students, I get to administer assessment tests and interview them for transition. Mostly though, I deal with teachers and their IEPs. (Individualized Education Plan for students with special needs). I visit schools (we had one high school, one middle school and one elementary school last year), I attend IEP meetings, and usually am available for online support via email.

Would I go back to teaching? Maybe someday, but this is a good break, and am keeping it.

Teaching summer is BEST though!

I thank God for opportunities! :)

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