She's 89 years old!!! - Part 1

Not too late...

I felt fed up by just thinking of doing IEPs the whole year again, since she has decided to come back to school. She's 89 years old, and even though she blatantly told me that she was thinking of maybe, resigning, she didn't. She was back to school.

Being with her was a different story though. I like being with her. I like her company. I like sitting in her classroom when we work together. I worked with her last year for the whole year, and this year seemed a different story.

I really don't like the idea anymore of her still doing IEPs at her age. It was just too much! .. and since she was being paid to do it, as a Special Ed Teacher, she needed to do what she was paid to do, irregardless of her age, of course.

As an IEP Facilitator, I was also doing what I was supposed to be doing -to support her in doing her IEPs, even if it meant the whole year round, to all her case load, and guiding her in every button of every part of every page of the IEP over and over and over again. Then so be it.

But typing the information was just not it! Even at 89 years old, she also needed to make sure she has all the data and information needed in the creation of the IEP. Plus, all the quarterly progress reporting, and all the other side events, like working on Manifestation Determination Reports, Behavior Plans, Behavior Assessments and all the Addenda that may happen within a school year. Plus, of course, lesson planning in the Resource Room, teaching students, grading their papers and making sure IEP goals she has planned at the same time were met by her students.

My God! She's 89 years old!!!!

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