She's 89 years old!!! - Part 2

Meet the 88 year old...

So, I asked her, "Why did you come back?"

She said, "Maria, there's nothing to do. What will I do?"

I said, "Well, enjoy life!, you're 89, it's about time you go and enjoy!"

She said, "If I can only go back (to her hometown), but there's just a flood of memories there. All my friends have died. There's nothing left do. Anyway, I love where I am, I enjoy where I am!"

I said, "Ok, but you will still do your IEPs.", with a smile.

She said, "Never!"

and we both laughed.

I love being with her. It was fun just sitting in her classroom as she continues to strive to dominate her students with her smart remarks. She's passionate with what she's doing, no matter how limited, if compared to what a freshman teacher could do. But, she remains, undeterred. She's the teacher, students must follow what she says, would always be her stand.

I actually have grown fond of her. I've worked with her for the whole year last year. I've supported her all throughout and she was able to make it, with 100% compliance! Thanks to me, of course, Lol! - at 88 years old!

But this time, she's 89, and it just doesn't feel right anymore.

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