She's 89 years old!!! - Part 3

Not too late...

First thing this morning, I decided to drop by her school, to hopefully sit down with her again, to, maybe, if we could, finish her very first IEP preparation for this year.

She wasn't there.

I was thinking, maybe she was sick or maybe caught up with family issues, but no. She has finally decided to retire, yesterday.

Her co-teachers shared how she has been crying the whole time yesterday. I just felt sad for her. I was not sure what she really wants, or maybe, she's just left with no choice. She's old.

I  was not sure what to feel. I felt numb. I did feel relieved about the news, about her freed from doing all the computer work at 89, and yet I just suddenly missed her.

Deep inside, she actually reminded me of my late grandmother. During my elementary and high school years, I would just visit Mama, I'd watch whatever old Tagalog movie she'd be watching in the television and at 3 o'clock, we'd pray the 3 o'clock habit. We didn't talk as much though, I remember she'd just ask how I am and would touch my knees since I would always sit beside her as we watch movies together. My cousins also loved being with her.

Now, my 89 year old friend, whom I've worked with for the whole year last year and who has also been a sister, a mom and a grandmother, has retired.

I called her up and asked where she was, as if I didn't know what happened. She said, a man picked her up from her house and brought her to the senior citizens center and she's currently eating; the man would bring her back to her house later, she said.

I hollered, "Why?! we should be doing your student's IEP today!" She said, "Maria, I'm old." and I wished her well.

I went home for lunch and cried.

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