What's My Karma With Elementary?!


It was January, 2012 when I started Pinoy Teacher's Stories.. and I missed it! 

It has been 6 months since I last wrote my heart out and yep, it has been a while! A lot of things happened since April... as you were all aware, haha.. OK let me refresh you...

.... I finished the school year 2013-2014 in one of the Indian reservation elementary school and then I resigned. Yes, after mere 4.5 months... and yes, this was my 2nd resignation this 2014! Lol.

I had this eureka moment with my pupils, I embraced them with all of me.... I had self-realization, and in the end, I accepted the fact that elementary was not for me. Period.

On my last day at the school, I was hired back as IEP Facilitator in my old district for school year 2014-2015.  Yehey! :)
So, with work settled, I enjoyed my summer vacation with my parents (I thank God for their visas)!

.... then the NEWS! the district changed its plan.. there will no longer be an IEP Facilitator position and so my next option is to teach again!... well, it was fine by me... all's good! 

After three days, another news! --- I cannot choose the school I want to teach at, if I want to stay with the district, "I have no choice", I am mandated to teach ---- in the elementary school!

The gods must be making fun of me :)

NAMASTE. (I missed writing this too!)


  1. Life is a continuous process of Ups and downs," and think of the passion inside of you. Choose what motivates you to live the way you wanted it to be.

  2. Life situations come in ways we couldn't fathom. Funny how "elementary assignment" keep coming your way no matter what you do to shun it off.

    1. Yes, I think I am attracting it! .. but wait there's more in the continuation...

  3. Good luck and you're back teaching elementary again. It must be your fate.

  4. I'm not sure which class is easy to handle, elementary or junior high school students but if one is passionate in teaching, I guess all the pressure and hard work is worthy.


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