Who Says, I Have No Choice?!

(continued from What's My Karma With Elementary?)

Even if my mind was set on becoming an IEP Facilitator again, I readily gave it up because I knew I was needed in the classroom. 

What I wasn't prepared for was the idea of going back to an elementary school and being told - "Maria, if you want to stay with the district then you have no choice but to accept the position in that elementary school!" - really bothered me a lot! I simply could not take it!
God has given us all free will... and to be told that I have no choice, was a little bothersome.. don't I have a choice really? But I do have a choice, right? 

If I am going back to teaching, then I want to be an effective teacher! I knew from the 4.5 months in the elementary school that it just wasn't for me! I have no elementary education, I have no experience. I have no passion. For some, it could be the easiest job in the world. For me, I was drowning, I actually drowned! It wasn't the best feeling!

BUT you know these were just excuses, right? I mean, I could always try again and see if the second time around would be better?  

BUT you see, words have power. To be told, "You have no choice", well, my mind just couldn't accept!

SO, I tried to be responsible by talking to higher ups. I thought, maybe, I  could change their minds, but I failed. So, for the third time this year, I resigned. 

Well, actually, since I wasn't given any contract yet, I informed them that I won't be pushing on with it. That same day, I accepted the offer from another district as an inclusion teacher in a middle school.

Thinking about it now, maybe, my mind could have changed had they used encouraging, positive words, maybe, instead of saying.. "You have no choice!", they could have said, "You know Maria, we believe in you... just give it another shot! If in, say, 2 months, and you feel it's really not for you then we will allow you to move to another school." This, would have sounded nice, right? (Well, they did say these words, after I accepted the other district's offer.. too late a hero!)

BUT then, maybe God has other plans, really! :)


Still, I thank God for choices. 

The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.  Proverbs 16:1

.. and my story goes on.


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